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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July breakfast run, yet another good one!

This lovely picture by my brother Gerrie Pieterse shows many bikes already parked outside Juffoeshoogte when we arrived, the folks were already enjoying hot coffee and chatting and as we waited for the allotted hour for "kickstands up" more and more arrived until sixteen members and three visitors were ready for the ride.

As we saddled up to ride out this lady begged for a photo with Murray's big orange LT, much to the group's amusement she promptly climbed on so that her boyfriend could take a picture. That bike does attract attention.
In our customary tight staggered formation we cruised up the R45, I set a moderate 130 to 140kmh in order to keep the group together, it was cold, 13,5 celsius as we rode to the R311 leading to Moorreesburg. It would not get any warmer than 16,5 later in the day. At that stage there was no wind and we were dressed for the cold, I was thoroughly enjoying myself.
Our first stop was in Moorreesburg for our "tea break" at the service station, some needed to smoke and some needed to pee.

Anton warmed up with his flask but Johan had brought along a very tasty cream liqueur which we were all soon happily consuming.

Time to move on, thirty kilometers to Piketburg along the National road, the N7. Gerrie, Louis and our new member Bardo wanted to hit the twisties at speed so they headed off on their hooligan mission, the rest of us cruised along in a more sedate manner, still breaking the law but not by so much.

Arriving in the town we easily found the "Farmhouse Pub and Grill', owned and run by a biker who is in fact an ex member of the Meeulanders, he knew exactly what a biker breakfast should be.

We found Frans Nieman busy in his kitchen and he produced this excellent breakfast for the extremely reasonable amount of R35! The bar was open and reasonably priced so it was a very happy bunch of bikers who settled down for a warming meal.

You know you're in a biker restaurant when the owner's bike is parked in the dining room! We sat and chatted for a while and then gradually the people moved out, as is our usual custom riders are free to do their own thing on the way home but most opted to meet at the "Wielhuis pub" - the home of the Clique in Velddrif.
The newly re-surfaced 86km long road from Piketburg back to Velddrif is now a pleasure, whereas before we used to ride at 80kmh because of the extremely harsh bumps, it is now quite comfortable at 140kmh which we did, or even more which the hooligan group did! It was very cold on the last section of the road, with a bitingly cold wind crossing the open ground so it was a chilly bunch who gathered in the pub for an absolute bloody final drink (or two) before heading home.


Floors and Murray contemplate leaving, and the Meeulanders had just welcomed new members Bardo and his wife (she had not been able to join the breakfast run due to family matters) into the club at the previous week's meeting, so it was good to have him along.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Farmhouse Pub and Grill in Piketburg to other bikers for a breakfast run, it is great to support a fellow biker and the price is exceptional. Give Frans a call on 0714608944 and tell him I sent you. We'll definitely be back.(Click on the pictures to view them full size).


Puzz Lab said...

Andrew, I took some time reading some of the other blogs also, and would like to just give you a BIG thumbs up for all the effort you putting into this Sir.. job more than well done. Thank you for influences in the biking community, I'm sure I don't only speak for myself.


the rider said...

Thanks for the comment Bardo, and for reading my stuff - great to have you along, I appreciate it.