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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cayenne Dealership opens in Capetown

I'm searching for a good, comfortable pair of touring boots;
These were the best boots I have ever had, they weren't actually motorcycle boots but were made by Bronx Leather, I bought them maybe fifteen years ago for R250 and wore them to pieces. I had them resoled twice and eventually the gear lever wore a hole in the top but I loved those boots, they were comfortable for all day use and were high enough to keep the wind off my legs. By the time I had worn the soles for the third time they were done and I had to get rid of them.
So it was that I visited the grand opening of the Cayenne dealership in Paarden Eiland last Saturday, mainly in the hope of buying a new pair of boots, but also to see what bikes were on sale. Special offers were advertised.
It is a beautiful showroom, spacious and light with a large variety of different new and used motorcycles on show, a large well stocked clothing and accessories department off to one side but unfortunately no boots that suited or fit me.
I spent quite a bit of time trying on various boots and the young lady who served me was attentive and helpful, obviously keen on making a sale and I was sorry to disappoint her.

I bought a cup of coffee and wandered around for about an hour admiring the beautiful machines on sale; from Hyosung and SCF to MV Augusta, Aprillia and BMW and many more in between. There are entry level machines, scramblers and super bikes to suit every type of biker and indeed while I was there the brass bell mounted on the wall was rung to announce a sale.
The place gradually filled up while I was there and I am sure they will do well, I was tempted to buy one of these to run a small taxi taking old ladies to the supermarket and back, maybe I will do that it could be fun.
If anybody knows where I can get a decent pair of boots let me know, and go and give Cayenne a visit, lots of biker eye candy.


Trobairitz said...

Always nice to have a new dealership open up.

Those types of boots are popular with cruiser riders here. Have you checked into any in the Harley line or River Road or are they pretty spendy to order online from out of country.

the rider said...

Hi Brandy, I have considered the Harley line but they are very expensive just because they are "Harley" - I don't know River Road but I will look it up thank you. The problem with ordering online is the fit, it's difficult to buy boots without trying them on. I will have to be patient, I have a pair of boots that I am using at the moment but I don't like them.

Mfhairstream said...

SIDI boots are real comfortable. The quality is great too.

the rider said...

Thank you for your comment and I will certainly look into that, the quest for a good pair of boots continues.