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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June breakfast run

I am really enjoying the monthly club breakfast runs, because of my past experiences camaraderie is very important in my life and the biker lifestyle and bike club life provides that in huge measure. So when we get together for any function with my brothers and sisters, I am in my element.
It was just so on Sunday last when we gathered for coffee at Juffroeshoogte in the chilly early morning, winter is coming fast now so bike runs will be affected, perhaps because the morning looked very drab and grey with steely clouds overhead few people attended the run.
 Heavy Metal! Interestingly only one Japanese bike among the German and British machines.
 We sat drinking hot coffee on the wet veranda, it had rained slightly during the night, while we waited for "kickstands-up" at 09h00. Eventually I led eleven members and our visitor Chris followed by Sampie and Kathy in their car (their bike's rear brake was giving trouble but to their credit they still attended the run) out onto the R45.
A chilly 17 celsius showed on my readout as we headed towards the rising sun but the sky was clear if a little pale and there was no wind. It was going to be a good ride, I concentrated on relaxing my shoulders, settling into the rhythm of the machine and the road and set a medium pace to keep everyone together. I felt myself smiling in my helmet, the sheer pleasure of being out on the open road on a motorbike with my lady behind me was almost overwhelming.
The usual midway stop was at the service station at Moorreesburg after a very pleasant 45 minute ride, I should have put petrol in at this stop!
From there to Riebeek Kasteel is only about 40 km and then another 10 to the restaurant and farm shop at Du Vlei and when we arrived my range was showing that I had only 40km left with the fuel that I had. "No problem, I'll put fuel in at Riebeek West on the way back."
As we turned into the restaurant parking area I heard the unmistakable sound of the Triumph 675 triple that Gerrie was riding speeding past to take the banked left hand sweeper, as we were getting off the bikes he came flashing back, tucked in behind the screen, engine wailing he had obviously been frustrated by the slow speed at which we had been riding and the lack of fast corners.
Du Vlei is a pleasant place, just over an hour's ride for us it is a popular breakfast destination for bikers from the Cape, but this day it was very quiet and we virtually had the place to ourselves.
 Old bikers gathered to chat, many years of biking experience in this photo; myself, Anton, Floors and Willie.
 The usual jokes, banter and discussions in the period before the food arrives.
The food and the service was good, the beers were cold and a nice cup of coffee to finish, as is our usual custom we make our own way back. I had to get petrol and Gerrie thought that he should as well, his bike did not have fuel guage so he wasn't sure. 
The service station at Riebeek was closed! It would re-open at 16h00, no good for us, my readout was now showing 30km and it was 35km to Moorreesburg so we pressed on at 80kmh which wasn't totally unpleasant. We refuelled and carried on, Gerrie still had plenty of fuel in his tank so it was a learning experience for us both. 
A fast run along the excellent R311 and there ahead I could see some heavy clouds hanging ominously over the road, as we joined the R45 heading west it started to rain but after only enough to wet the screen it stopped and as we pulled into the parking lot at Plaasmol there was no sign of it.
Our friends were already there and we settled in with a cold beer.

This place also was very quiet, in fact we had not seen many bikes on the road at all, perhaps the weather was to blame but those who chose not to ride that day missed a great one.


Trobairitz said...

Nice that you encountered little traffic.

The rule of the two P's. Never pass up an opportunity to piss or get petrol. Of course I usually have to pee before I need petrol. Damn bladder.

the rider said...

You are right Brandy, even I tend to forget that in a lot of these small villages the petrol stations are closed for most of the day on a Sunday, it has happened before and I dare say it will happen again.

Gerrie Pieterse said...

Yep, as Frank would say - "there was a moment". Couldn't pass that opportunity. Especially after not being on a bike for a while.

the rider said...

Yes pity we didn't have a camera ready because that return pass looked damn good! That's a nice long banked sweep.