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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Swartland Charity Rally

Last Saturday I decided to pay a visit to the annual Swartland Charity rally in Moorreesburg which is a little farming town only some 80kms away. Over the years it has grown in popularity and although it is not strictly a motorcycle rally the farming community welcomes us as long as we behave ourselves. Indeed the bikers make up the majority of the attendance so I doubt that it would be very successful without us.
Again it was incredibly hot last Saturday, Daan and Beverley had gone through on the Friday and were camping over on Saturday night as well,
besides them and myself, six other Meeulanders arrived on Saturday and I saw quite a few of the other local clubs represented as well as a very big contingent from several different Capetown Clubs. It was a good place to meet and greet old friends and make new ones, the beer was cold and the bar was doing a roaring trade in the stifling heat.

Stefanie, Johlene and Kathy, all Meeulanders seek shelter from the heat and in the second picture some Capetown friends including (on the right) Rob and Isobel of Odysseus whom we met at the B.E.A.Rally and then again at the Bikers Ride against Farm Murders run.

The stalls area appeared deserted but I think people were sheltering at that time and did their shopping a bit later, there was good food on offer from Hamburgers and boerewors rolls to spitbraai lamb and potjies so nobody went hungry, and believe me those farmers know their potjies. A great looking oxtail came out early but I waited..........and waited for the offal pot to be ready.
Most of the action took place here in the shade, there was a concourse d'elegance and a good disco on the go. Not sure if they went well together because the crowd was kicking up quite a lot of dust!

The food preparation area must have been hell! The biggest pot in the foreground was the offal pot and the other was the oxtail, then there were the two lamb spit braais at the back.
I kept on bothering this guy, "Is it ready yet?" but it was worth the wait, even if a little expensive at R70 and quite tasty though perhaps a little too "clean" for my personal taste. They have to please everyone though and I was very hungry by the time I ate.
This was made up of only the stomach, knuckles and feet where I prefer the use of intestines as well but I wasn't complaining and I think it sold pretty quickly.
Time to head for home before I got involved with too many beers, it had been fun but I was tired of the heat.


Trobairitz said...

I think I'd melt being out in your temperatures.

As much as I hate the cold I can't function when overheated. It was 55˚F (12˚C) when we went for our wee ride on Sunday and it was chilly....

the rider said...

We're starting to move out of the hot time of the year now although it is quite long, like from November! We're coming into Autumn which is short and then our winter which is also quite short but is when we get our rains, May through July. Then Spring when the wild flowers start for which the western cape is world famous and the weather starts warming up again. At least we can ride pretty much the whole year round although we do get temps as low as 12C occasionally. I'm sort of in the middle, I also can't function when it's too hot but I don't like it really cold.

Leather Collection said...

Nice Activity, Love to ride and then eat.