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Monday, February 6, 2017

Meeulanders breakfast run February 2017

Our first breakfast run with me as President of the club and I had no idea how many members would turn up, I sent out the Whatsapp reminder on the Wednesday and made a phone call to the restaurant in Melkbos that I had chosen as the breakfast venue. I told the manager that I had no idea how many people it would be but that I would phone him at 09h30 on the Sunday morning to tell him and he was alright with that.
from a picture by Gerrie Pieterse

We arrived at the meeting place at 09h00 and already there was a good crowd there, this was great! Janet got us some coffee and we chatted with the bikers, during this time more and more were arriving!
By 09h25 I had a list of 27 names handed to me by the acting Road Captain Johan and was told that two more were coming! I phoned the restaurant and the manager said "Oh I'm sorry Sir but I don't think we can accommodate such a large group, we get very busy on a Sunday." Thanks for telling me that now! I told him I was bringing 29 hungry bikers and we'll talk then.
09h30 briefing and I told the people there may be a problem but let's go see, nobody was concerned and kickstands went up, I led the ride out onto the R27 headed south and kept the speed at a reasonable 120 to 130kmh to keep the ride together.
It was a beautiful mild, sunny day, ideal for a ride, the wind was likely to be a factor later but that would be behind us and would push us home. Although the road was busy most cars and trucks moved over to let us past (except for the asshole in the green jeep!), on gradients I could see the long line of lights following behind me and what an impressive sight it was!
The pre-arranged stop was in a layby about two thirds of the way and we pulled off the road, pretty much all together.

At this stage it is traditionally "Tea time" and Johan had brought the bottle but he was worried that one bottle would not be enough for so many people!
 As Gerda poured the tea the crowd drew nearer, almost sensing that there was alcohol and I think everyone got a shot, at least I didn't hear any complaints. After about 20 minutes or so I called for kickstands up again, I wanted to get to the restaurant before 11h00 to see what our options were going to be.
As it turned out the staff had made some arrangements for us and after more tables and chairs were assembled most of us were able to sit inside, a few elected to sit outside which was probably better anyway as it was by then quite warm.
from a picture by Gerrie Pieterse  

picture by Gerrie Pieterse

 Waiting for beer! It was a bit chaotic at first and the wait for beer and then the breakfast was rather long but in all fairness they did their best and we did all get fed. Some of the guys elected to have lunch instead of breakfast and declared the food to be very good so all in all the staff at the newly named "Castella Amare" in Melkbos did a good job dealing with what must be a nightmare, a group of 29 people all arriving together in the late morning.
We had a festive time as only a bunch of bikers can and headed off for home in the early afternoon, Janet and I stopped for a beer at the Juffroeshoogte pub for an ABF and then home.
A big thanks to the twenty five club members, three prospects and three visitors who took part in the run, I cannot remember when last we had such a large group and it was heart-warming to be a part of it.


Gerrie Pieterse said...

Was a great run and a great group.

Trobairitz said...

Now that is a big group.

Was nice the restaurant accommodated you since it would be hard to find an alternative location for grub on short notice.