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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Part two of the 1984 tour

In my diary I noted that we left Kuruman at 10h00, obviously not in too much of a hurry then but we had a long way to go. It was hot there in the southern parts of the Kalahari and the road was pretty much arrow-straight, we rode for hours through the heat seeing the road ahead shimmering in the distance. Over a slight rise and there ahead another dead straight road.
Eventually the town of Upington appeared in the distance, green "oasis-like" on the banks of the Orange river and it was a pleasure to cruise into the clean streets, we sought and found a nice place to relax and drink a cold beer but it was too early to stop for long. Press on! Back out into the baking hot countryside, more dead straight roads,
Just before the village of Ariamsvlei where we stopped to refuel, we crossed into South West Africa and so it was that in the late afternoon, with no previous arrangements we arrived at the intersection with the N7 and the dusty little enclave called "Grunau". We rode down a short gravel road to a rather nondescript looking hotel and as I stopped the bike Janet got off and declared "We're staying here tonight!" After 660kms on the bike she wasn't going any further.
Eddie went in to check if we could get accommodation and after about twenty minutes came out carrying four frosty cold cans of Windhoek Lager, man did they go down well! He had also secured two double en-suite rooms so all was good.
 After finishing our beers we showered and got comfortable and met in the bar, it was a Tuesday evening and there was nobody else there, we had the place all to ourselves and after another couple of drinks we went into the restaurant, also empty, the hand written menu offered "boiled meat", "roast meat" and vegetables we all opted for the roast and it turned out to be the most delicious Karoo lamb that we had eaten in a long time.
I asked for a wine list as we wanted some wine with our meal and was asked; "Do you want a big bottle or a small one?" and when I asked what kind of wine they had the waitress gestured for me to follow her, through in the bar the wine fridge was opened and there were big and small bottles of Grunburger Stein, nothing else so I selected a big one and we had another later. The meal was excellent.
After dinner we returned to the bar, which was still deserted and we were told that it would close at 22h00, that the lights would go out but we could take out glasses to the room, no problem then?
We sat happily chatting until just before 21h00 when suddenly we heard the sounds of many vehicles roaring into the gravel parking area outside the hotel! What the hell was going on? The doors were flung open and about twenty people crowded into the bar, families, children, khaki clad farmer types lined chairs up infront of the TV and the shouts of "Dubbel brandewyn en coke aseblief" (Double brandy and coke please" filled the bar as the all too familiar strains of the "Dallas" soap opera theme tune was heard above the din!
We couldn't believe it! Tuesday evening at nine, even up here Dallas took over. After the program was finished the families left as suddenly as they had arrived and true to the word the place closed, the generator was switched off and we stumbled to our rooms in the dark to finish our drinks by candle light.
We had a good comfortable night, the room and the bed was clean and I slept the sleep of the dead.
 The Grunau hotel at the junction with the N7, clean and comfortable and good Karoo lamb.
The next morning after a mediocre breakfast of cold eggs and thickly sliced bread we got ready to hit the road, this day we had decided to go all the way to Windhoek, the capital which was another 660kms away and again it was going to be a hot one. Loving it.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, have a great day and a lovely weekend and if you don't celebrate Christmas then have a great weekend anyway, all the best to you and yours.

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