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Monday, November 7, 2016

Year end function 2016 and a party of note!

What a party that was! Another very successful Meeulander function and all but seven members attended, a great turn out. We left home at around 12h30 in our bakkie because I was transporting my mussel pot, gas cooker, tray and ten kilos of fresh mussels, no way we could have gone on the bike.
On our arrival Steve had already chosen a good spot for us and had his caravan on site,

Henrico had his disco music set up and he got the party started, he played excellent music right through the night until we were eventually kicked out of the bar. When everyone had arrived I cooked up the mussels and we all made short work of the whole ten kilos!

Steve never goes to any function without his 5litre box of red wine. While we were partying the lamb was already on the spit and at around 19h00 we were called in for a really good dinner.


A bit later we were approached by the management to say we were making too much noise for other guests, could we move our party into the bar. Not sure how much difference that made but it was better in the bar anyway, the party raged on into the night.

We were eventually kicked out of the bar because they wanted to close or something stupid like that, those that survived headed back to the caravan. I'm not sure what time I went to bed but it was in the early hours of the morning.
I woke up with a fright and a dry throat at 06h40, badly in need of a couple of cups of coffee but when I eventually got downstairs we were told that we could only get coffee at 08h00, that was a long half hour!

Gradually more and more members filtered down, gathering in the garden eagerly awaiting the time for a cup of coffee, actually we had a very nice breakfast and then took our leave of everyone and headed home.
It had been a great, festive time and the rest of Sunday went by very quietly, my dancing muscles were sore so I took it easy. What a good bunch of people, I'm proud to be a Meeulander!


Gerrie Pieterse said...

Them mussels were very generous of you and a nice "filler" until supper. Was a great party and I'm glad we made it (unlikethe Dartrun).

the rider said...

The mussels certainly went down well, not a single one was left!