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Monday, November 7, 2016

Saldanha Bay to Golden Valley Casino, Worcester

It is Janet's birthday and our anniversary this week and it has become our custom to get away for the week and do something nice, our friend Linda wanted us to join her in Gansbaai for a couple of nights so we planned a trip around that.
It would have to include a Casino visit because that is one of Janet's favourite things so we decided on the Casino at Worcester on the first night. Plans concluded and bookings made we eagerly awaited the departure date. Monday 7th November duly arrived.
I had some work to do at the mussel farm so I wasn't able to get on the road early but seeing as we only had some 220kms to ride I wasn't in too much of a hurry.
We eventually rode out of town at 14h15 and by then the southerly wind was pumping! Not very pleasant, it was slamming into our right hand side most of the way but at least it wasn't a cold wind. Still I was happy to be out on the bike and we made fairly good time to Moorreesburg in spite of the three stop/go maintenance sections still in operation.
A welcome beer at "Die Oude Stoep" and we were on our way although I will not go that way again in a hurry, it is terrible on the motorbike because of the road works on the 22km section from the R45, alright for the guys on dual purpose bikes but it is really bad for us touring types, in future I will go via Malmesbury until the work is finished.
After Riebeek I was able to open it up a bit and Janet thought I was going too fast, more speeding fines but I think I had it under control. From the "Nuwekloof Pass" the wind died down and and I wound it up, sweeping past the numerous 18 wheelers holding up queues of cages as they avoided the toll road, hell in a cage but heaven on a bike! 
We are now at the Casino, as I write this we have had dinner and a bottle of wine, Janet is at the machines while I am in the pub drinking dry white wine, we're both happy and I hope that she wins some money, usually she's quite good at this so we'll see.
We won't be coming back to this place again in a hurry, the prices have gone up astronomically, the accommodation rate is exorbitant so enjoy this while you can you expensive casino you.
Tomorrow we will be in Hermanus on the southern cape coast where we are booked into a two bedroom cottage where we will be sharing lounge, kitchen and bathroom with a young married couple on their honeymoon! Not too sure what to make of that one although on the positive side the accommodation is cheap.
We will be spending some time there with an old BSAP (Rhodesian Police Force) comrade of mine so I'm looking forward to that.
It's nearly time for me to pack it in, I'm going to leave Janet where she is so that she can have some fun, there's football on the big screen which leaves me stone cold.
No photographs today friends, nothing much to see but I'm sure we'll take some tomorrow.
In the meantime it's great to be out travelling.


Trobairitz said...

Happy Birthday Janet and Happy Anniversary to you both.

A trip away sounds like just the thing. Lets see if you two can teach the newlyweds a few things. ;-)

the rider said...

Thanks Brandy, luckily (not sure for whom?) we were able to cancel our accommodation arrangements and stay with my buddy.