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Monday, October 31, 2016

Wildsfees (Venison Festival) Club Mykonos

This year the Round Table decided to sponsor the Meeulanders to a table at the Venison Festival as a way of saying thank you for the club's efforts in collecting nearly two tons of non-perishable food stuff at the local supermarkets for distribution to those in need.
So it was that we gathered at Club Mykonos, a Greek style holiday resort just outside of Langebaan on a blustery Saturday afternoon, a gale force southerly wind was threatening to send the marquees flying over the nearby hills but thanks to the constant attention of the staff wielding sledge hammers they stayed with us, tugging hard at their long steel anchors.
We are bikers so a bit of wind was not going to put us off, you can still drink in the wind and we certainly managed to braai in the wind. Venison wors (sausage) and venison sosaties along with a whole Springbok was part of the function and whilst Malcolm braaied the wors and sosaties we decided to keep the Springbok for a future potjie occasion.

As the afternoon progressed more and more Meeulanders arrived although by the time we were braaiing not all had pitched up, maybe the wind had something to do with it, it was a pretty cold wind and later Janet retreated to the cosy warmth of the nearby Casino. Here a young visitor expressed a liking for Daan's Goldwing, a future biker perhaps?

Sooi gets the customary biker greeting from Gerrie, meanwhile Malcolm starts the braai. He started with the venison wors (sausage) and a little tasty item known colloquially as "Skilpatjies" which literally means "tortoises" but which is a piece of the liver wrapped in the caul or spleen fat and which is a particular favourite braai starter.
The mob soon made short order of that and the next on the braai was the venison sosaties, little chunks of venison and fat on a wooden skewer, also very nice.
The music blared out, the wine flowed and the ladies danced;

Malcolm with the sosaties and Stephen with the wine, I normally don't take enough wine to these things and end up drinking with him because he takes a five litre box!

You can probably guess what music they were dancing to, an old eighties number!

Sosaties at sunset, it was another good party although I ended up leaving by about 19h00, it was freezing and I was ill prepared. Thanks for a good jol, just a pity about the wind but I suppose you can't have it all.
We have another party this coming weekend, our club year end function at the hotel in Eland's Bay on Saturday, a sleep-over thank goodness because I expect the wheels to come off again!
Janet has taken a week's leave from Monday next week and we are off on a round about ride to arrive in Gansbaai on Wednesday, two night's there and head back home on Friday. I'm looking forward to that and I'll tell you all about it.
Stay safe, there was a bike rally in Saldanha this past weekend and sadly four bikers died in accidents. Not the kind of news one wants to hear.


Adam said...

Do you speak Dutch by any chance? Because if not, that's a real pity. In South Africa they speak a dialect of Dutch which tends to be both hilarious, and quite innovative at the same time.

For example, while Dutch people themselves borrow a lot of words from French and English, South Africans (And Belgians) don't, which leads to quite some interesting word inventions.

Anyhow, it looks like you're having a great time, and it's a pity we can't join you eating those sausages over the internet.

the rider said...

Thanks for your comment Adam, I don't speak Dutch but I do speak Afrikaans and I know that there are a lot of similarities between the two. I think that Afrikaans people traveling in Holland can get by and vice versa. Perhaps to a smaller degree in Germany but certainly not in any country where French is spoken.

Those sausages were great!

Trobairitz said...

I always enjoy reading the different names you have for foods.

It is hunting season here in Oregon so there is a lot of talk of venison right now and also of elk meat. My mom was big into hunting when I was growing up and I can remember the venison and also moose meat. Moose lasagna is pretty good if I remember right.

the rider said...

Well Brandy me being a foodie I would love to taste Moose meat and especially Moose Lasagna, if I ever do get a chance to visit I will give you plenty of notice!

Lance Hirthler said...

Cool photos! Looks like a great event, thanks for the share.

the rider said...

Hello Lance, welcome and thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. It was a great party and there is another coming up again this weekend, I will write it up so stay with me.

Gerrie Pieterse said...

Especially for Adam, dit was klinklekker en die vleis was sommer windgat smaaklik. Baie geniet behalwe vir die orkaan sterkte wind - dis hoe dit gevoel het!