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Monday, October 17, 2016

Meeulanders tin run 2016

This past weekend saw some of the members of the Meeulanders MCC gathering at three of the local supermarkets to persuade the public to donate non perishable food items for distribution to those in need. This had been scheduled for mid September but was cancelled due to the sad, untimely passing of our President Divi de Vries.
Unfortunately Janet and I were unable to attend or assist in this event due to a prior commitment but I have spoken to Craig and I have seen the photos, some of which I will show you, and this turned out to be a very successful collection thanks to the club members who were willing to donate their time and to those members of the public who generously donated food items.
Outside the Pick 'n Pay in Langebaan Mall, who would not donate food when confronted by Steve?!
Two of the ladies and the trollies get filled up, eventually six trollies were filled to the brim at this collection point. This was the only mall that allowed motorcycles to be taken inside.
Meanwhile those worthy members outside the Pick 'n Pay in Vredenburg were also on the go, they eventually managed to collect 5 trollies full of food.
Here we see Craig, Monica, Malcolm, Elize, Melinda, Christo and Carlo with the fruits of their labour, and at the Weskus Mall, Checkers the brothers and sisters collected 4 trollies full.
This picture of Craig and Monica sums up the wonderful attitude of the members of the Meeulanders Motorcycle club and I'm sorry that we weren't there to help.
Fifteen supermarket trollies full of groceries for those in need, this will soon be handed over to the local Round Table chapter who are better organised to do the distribution and I will document that occasion later. Well done guys and gals, bikers ROCK!


Trobairitz said...

Great job getting all the donations. I am sure it will be appreciated.

I know you were probably sad you couldn't attend but at least all went well.

the rider said...

Yes Brandy this time of the year things get a bit hectic, there are quite a few bike club functions coming up as well as private functions so some have to fall by the wayside. Luckily there were enough dedicated members available for the tin run.