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Monday, October 3, 2016

A good biking weekend

Saturday I was feeling a bit "under the weather", apart from a very annoying pulled muscle which seemed to be inside my rib cage I was just feeling a bit "pap", it's a good descriptive Afrikaans word which I'm sure doesn't need translating.
I was alright on the bike though, infact I loved the ride out to Velddrif so much that I took the longer route, this in spite of the fact that the wind was blowing quite strongly too.
By the time I got there the parking area was crowded with bikes, the occasion was the Clique MCC's annual "dayjol" and it certainly looked like the bikers had turned out in force to support them. I wandered around meeting and greeting and had a couple of beers but I wasn't in the mood.

There was a lot going on, the wheelie machine was kept busy, there were some good food stalls and the bar was doing a roaring trade. It was good to see the members of the host club all pulling together to ensure that things ran smoothly, well done guys and gals.

I stayed to watch some of the games but left at about 16h30 amid rumours of traffic roadblocks pulling bikers over but there was nothing, I hope the jol was a success and I hope that everyone got home safely, sorry I could not stay longer.
Sunday morning I was feeling better but that pulled muscle was still giving me a problem, Janet and I saddled up at about 08h45 and rode out to the Engen One Stop to join up with Meeulanders members for our monthly breakfast run.
We got there in time to have a cup of Wimpy's good coffee while we waited for others to arrive. 09h30 it was kickstands up and twelve members on eight bikes headed out onto the R45 and the longer route via Malmesbury and back to Darling for breakfast at "Brig's Barn".
Stop/Go's are still a feature of local riding and we had a stop at the first but not for long, soon Daan was leading the group into a layby for a smoke break and the now traditional "Melk tert" liqueur which was provided by Johan.
Gerda dishes out while the others wait for the toast to our late President Divi and fallen brothers.
The rest of the ride was good, the second stop/go was open for us and we roared on through. Gerrie led a couple of faster guys through the sweeps before the N7 where Floors had a lucky escape when a Guinea fowl hit his knee and virtaully disintergrated against the side of his bike, his knee will be bruised and he will need to spray all of that mess out of the bike before it starts to stink! A Guinea fowl is a big bird and he was lucky not to have gone down.

It was inevitable that we would be stopped at the last roadworks and we sat in the sun swatting "miggies" while we waited, we were pretty much an hour late at the restaurant but they didn't seem to be worried and did not keep us waiting long for our breakfasts. We relaxed in the sun and drank our beers and chatted,
Gerrie and Jannie seemed to be going back to their childhood, quite happy until a member of the staff told them there was sign saying the swings were for kids only, naughty boys!
The breakfast was good, the one I had was R60 but I was so hungry I forgot to photograph it, we'll go back again, the place is popular with bikers, some others arrived while we were there. We all went our separate ways afterwards Daan and Bev were going to the Darling Brewery for a dark beer but we headed home. The last Stop/go was open for us and we had a nice leisurely cruise home.
What a pleasant biking weekend.
The next club function is the annual "Dart run" on Saturday 22nd but obviously we'll ride before then, stay safe - keep the shiny side up and we'll see you on the road.


Trobairitz said...

That wheelie machine looks interesting.

Bummer about the guinea fowl. Here there are wild turkeys waiting to take out unsuspecting motorcyclists on the backroads.

the rider said...

I imagine that a wild turkey is quite a lot bigger than our Guinea fowl, that could certainly knock a biker down!

Michael Harris said...

Looks like you are enjoying your retirement. Can't wait to see some video from your new go pro. The whole Cape Town area is probably one of the most beautiful places I have been.

the rider said...

Thanks Michael, I sure am enjoying myself. I will soon be publishing video clips.