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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Well the glorious holiday is over, our family have returned to the UK and we are left with a quiet house and wonderful memories. A three week visit that was over in a flash but during which we had some fantasic times and lots of great food, both out at restaurants and also in our own backyard which most say were the best.
I taught my (then future) son in law Andy how to braai back in 1997 and since then he has mastered the gentlemanly art superbly, he did a braai for us shortly after their arrival.
What a great braai that was! Lamb chops, green and yellow peppers and garlic bread. Our daughter Christie did the potato bake, we just relaxed.
Not to be outdone my next contribution was smoked Angel fish, (I have a small smoker and use oak wine barrel sawdust) with prawns and garlic potatoes.
Then on the Saturday we had friends over, carnivores like us and I bought some serious tee bones, 700g each which I started on the braai over hot coals bone side down, they stayed like that for quite a while, cooking up through the bone.
It was a huge plate of food, the three guys finished theirs but the ladies after a galant attempt left quite a bit on their plates which went down extremely well as leftovers later in the week.
On Thursday our daughter requested a "skottel" breakfast so that is what we did;
I do the food but Janet does the eggs, I'm hopeless at eggs. Sausage, bacon, gammon, mushrooms, tomato, egg and toast - what a breakfast!
The last braai we had was after returning from an overnight trip to Sutherland, the coldest part of the western cape and the site of the S.A.L.T (Southern African Large Telescope), I bought some wonderful Karoo lamb up there and that made up the main part of our final braai;
First the vegetables, chicken is a South African braai vegetable - then the Karoo lamb chops and the red and green peppers. I made sadza a traditional Rhodesian miellie meal accompaniment and Janet made a delicious tomato relish, I have to say it was a fantastic meal.
We sat out late enjoying the fire, the ladies huddled up in blankets against the cold night air, well aware that this lovely holiday would be over in a couple of days and our family would leave again for England.
I should perhaps remind you that these braais took place over a period of three weeks, interspersed with visits to local eateries so although it looks like we did nothing but "pig out", we .....okay I don't really know where I'm going with this, suffice it to say it was a great holiday of gourmand proportions!
As has become a tradition we ended the final night of drinking with "Springbokkies", a shooter known to all South Africans; half peppermint liqueur covered with Amarula creme. Another great holiday, over too soon and unfortunately our son was not able to come this time but all being well we will be going over there next year.


Trobairitz said...

It sounds as though you had a fabulous holiday with the family. Getting together with family always means good eats.

the rider said...

Thanks for your comment Brandy, I know that you are vegan so my meals probably don't appeal at all but it's good to hear from you. We're all carnivores here I'm afraid.