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Monday, April 4, 2016

Swartland Charity Run Moorreesburg 2016

So it was that on a slightly chilly and overcast Saturday midday seven of us on five bikes stopped at the first stop/go roadworks on the 22km stretch from the R45 to Moorreesburg. We had met at "Juffroeshoogte" for a cup of coffee and got on the road just after 11h00 and although there was a threat of rain it was ideal riding weather and so far I had enjoyed it very much.
That 22km piece of road is actually in appalling condition at the moment, pretty much a single lane most of the way and very rough with high and jagged edges. I'm sure it will be a good road once it is finished but now you have to be careful.
As we pulled into the town it was raining very lightly, it didn't look like it would be a problem and sure enough within an hour it had cleared. We took care of entry procedures at the gate; R150 per person was a bit steep and that did not include a badge but I suppose it was all for charity anyway.
In the showgrounds an attractive young lady admired Murray's BMW and wanted to see what the back seat felt like, Murray was happy to oblige!
We wandered around, grabbed a beer and went to meet and greet, plenty of new and old friends were there and the place was filling up.

Wilhelm with his beautiful GSXR and Wessel with his amazing Ducati Panigale Corsa were there preparing for the concours.
(Click on the images to see them full size.)

It was lunchtime and there was quite a varied menu on offer from oxtail potjie, offal potjie, spit braai rolls to delicious looking "Skilpadjies" ( pieces of lamb's liver wrapped in spleen fat for my overseas readers ) and by then I was hungry.

The huge pots had been started earlier in the day but even so the offal pot was not quite ready by the time I wanted to eat so Murray and I had some oxtail, not the best but not too bad.

Skilpaadjies on the go, these guys were kept busy and by then it was hot!
We went over to watch the concours judging;
 The judge was pretty thorough and here he has found something on Wessel's bike, you can see the disappointment on Wessel's face because they had spent ages cleaning.
We wandered around some more, there were plenty of very interesting stalls and by then a lot of people, good music was blasting out of the dance area although no one was dancing yet, that would surely come later. 
 Later in the afternoon Divi, the Meeulanders President handed over R14,000 cash to Hester of the Cancer Association, donations from Weskus bikers at the Shavathon (earlier post).
 Several of the clubs and riders who took part in the Shavathon were also present and gathered for the handover.
Very well done to the organisers and the West Coast bikers, you ROCK! The Shavathon is now to become a regular annual event on the Cancer Association calendar and it can only go from strength to strength.
Most of the guys and gals were staying over for the rest of the party and had already erected tents, Murray, Hein and I had to return however so we set off for a longer ride via the N7 to Malmesbury with a brief stopover planned at "Plaasmol" for an absolute bloody final.
It was there that Murray's second encounter took place and we have decided to ride with him in future because he is obviously a chick-magnet! We left him to do the explaining to his wife Laureen!
It had been a lovely day out on the bike and an enjoyable time spent with biker friends. The following day was to be the monthly breakfast run back to Moorreesburg, I will tell you about that in the next exciting instalment! Stay safe.

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