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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Back to Moorreesburg for a mediocre breakfast

A pale, clear blue sky, no wind and a motorbike! What more could one ask for? We left home at 09h15 to meet at "Juffroeshoogte" resort for the monthly breakfast run. As neither the President or the V.P. would be there, and many of the members had camped over at the charity run, we had no idea who would pitch up.
Janet and I were the first ones there and we sat on the sunny veranda with a nice cup of coffee, contentedly waiting to see who would arrive next. Gerrie, then Hein arrived and soon there were ten of us on seven motorbikes. It was just after 11h00 that we set out on the road, as the boss wasn't present Mike nominated me to take point, it was one of those absolutely perfect biking days, I saw 22 celsius on my dash as we thundered out along the R45.
We had already decided that we would carry on through to Malmesbury and then take the N7 to Moorreesburg and soon we were at the first Stop/Go;
 What else is there to do while you wait? At least it wasn't hot and it wasn't long before we were on our way, the second one was open for us and we did some high speed riding through the only corners leading through to the N7. There were lots of bikers out on the road, all like us taking advantage of the wonderful weather.
The thirty kilometres to Moorreesburg was a lovely ride, the road is in great condition and on a Sunday there is very little traffic even though it is the main artery to Namibia. I had stopped in Malmesbury to refuel so we thundered along on our own and joined the others at "Die Oude Stoep" on the little town's main road.
 Twenty two Club members sat down for breakfast, unfortunately the restaurant was not able to cope very well in spite of the fact that Divi had warned them we were coming, it was a very long wait but at least the beer was cold.
Before our breakfast came, which was more like lunch by the time it eventually arrived, Janet was already signalling that her beer was finished! The breakfast was disappointing, good quality food but everything was cold! Seriously guys, how difficult would it be to serve breakfast on hot plates? We won't be hurrying back there I'm afraid.
On the road again. Four of us elected to go back the longer way via the N7 while those who had camped and had not had much sleep were going back via the rough 22km stretch, they also declined a stop at Plaasmol for a last beer.
The ride back was just as good, Gerrie took point and he rides fast, especially when he senses some corners ahead, I have trouble keeping up with him.
Plaasmol was a pleasant stop, a cold beer and some good conversation;

One beer there was enough for us, Gerrie and Murray decided to leave as well, the others were staying a little longer, we said our farewells and headed out. It is only some 40kms home, a truly lovely couple of days out on the bike with hopefully more to come. Winter is fast approaching and although we do get decent biking weather we also get our rains, we'll see how it goes.
Murray on his lovely Gunston Orange K1200LT


Trobairitz said...

A beautiful day for a ride. Bummer breakfast/lunch was cold. Like you said - good thing the beer was.

the rider said...

Yes Brandy the weather is perfect for riding at the moment, I really hope it stays like this for my month end long ride.
Unfortunately there are too many places around here who serve up either lousy breakfast or cold food and they lose out because the bikers just won't go back. I don't know about over your side but breakfast runs are popular here in South Africa and must be good business for a restaurant. Also most of the clubs phone ahead so that restaurants know in advance how many are coming.