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Friday, April 1, 2016

Africa Bike Week preparations, Mohicans sleepover and charity run - busy times.

One of the best parts of a long motorbike ride is, in my opinion the planning stage. Apart from the trip itself the planning gets the excitement levels along with the adrenalin rising, deciding what to take along, which way to go and where to stay overnight is key to the enjoyment of the actual ride and although I do not like to book overnight stops I like to have a daily destination in mind.
I am now in the planning stages of my 1650km trip to Margate on the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast at the end of the month, actually I am leaving home on Monday 25th April and I will be away for ten days in total; Africa Bike Week!
This will be the seventh consecutive year of this amazing event, started by the Harley Owners Group but open to all makes of bikes it takes place in the centre of the coastal town of Margate and is similar to the American style of rally.
 See My route here. Friends of mine have been over the years and have had excellent times and have recommended the experience to me, this will more than likely be my last chance to do this, I retire at the end of June and I do not think that finances will allow another trip of this nature. I have been incredibly lucky though in that an old friend, an old comrade from my Rhodesian Police days has offered me four days free accommodation in Margate and he will be organising a get together with a large number of old comrades who live in the area, what an event that promises to be with mates that I haven't seen in some forty odd years!
You can rest assured that I will document this adventure, although I am travelling alone I have no doubt that I will meet up with other bikers during the trip, I am really looking forward to this one!
Unfortunately whilst I will be away I will be missing a good local event; The Mohicans first annual sleepover will be taking place from 30th April, I just know that this will be a party of note, these guys and gals are party animals and it would be worth your while to take the trip up from Capetown for this one - I will definitely be there next year!
I'm off now for my regular weekly pool competition with Frank, last week he decimated me nine games to four, he was on incredible form and I battled to get my four games! I cannot let that happen this week.
Tomorrow we ride through to Moorreesberg for the Annual Charity run at the show grounds, a good fundraiser with a variety of food stalls and attractions, music and booze, many of the local bikers take their tents and make a party of it, see you there. 


Trobairitz said...

Starting into a busy riding time of year for you.

How great you finally get to retire in June. Enjoy that 10 days ride, well earned I am sure.

the rider said...

Hi Brandy, actually we are coming close to winter and I am expecting a bit of rain on my ride - hopefully not too much! Still excited about it though.
I am looking forward to my retirement and now it seems like time is dragging until the end of June but one mustn't wish one's life away.

Mohicans Weskus said...

thanx Andrew! you will be missed at our sleepover...

the rider said...

I just know it's going to be a great sleepover jol and I will definitely be at the 2017 one, best wishes for a successful party.

Mohicans Weskus said...

jip...we will make everyone.."maak die jol vol"