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Monday, March 14, 2016

West Coast Biker "Shavathon" for Cancer

Last Saturday the bikers on the west coast got together to raise funds for a worthy cause, as bikers often do. The call went out over social media, whatsapp and sms and from 11h00 on Saturday they started arriving at the Phoenix bar in Vredenburg to give of their time, their hair and their money!
By the time the shavathon started the place was buzzing and as it was a hot day the bar was doing a roaring trade.
One of the first to take the hot seat was Sooi, he who in two weeks time will retire after something like 39 years in the airforce and who has declared that after that he will not shave again!
Gerda, along with Rinette, was one of the ladies who worked hard that afternoon cutting hair and doing a seemingly professional job of it too.
The end result, somewhat different!
The main event of the afternoon was without doubt the shaving of Daan and a big job for the ladies, here he is before;
Every member of the Meeulanders Club paid in R50 to see this and it was such a big job that it required the united efforts of both Gerda and Rinette!
Here's the almost unrecognisable Daan with his incredible wife Bev who also had her head shaved in support of her Mother who has cancer. I'm sure Daan had trouble getting through the security checkpoint at his work on the Monday!

 Here the ladies are still hard at work, Rinette shaves her husband Anton and Wayne, a member of the Mohicans Club rather appropriately got a Mohawk.

Another lady takes over and Gerrie get the chop. I'm not sure if it was purely altruism or whether the hot weather had an influence but the people kept coming!
Here Dan takes the seat and on the right is the cleaned-up version, he said that his crash helmet had always been a bit tight so now it would fit better!

 Another brave lady took the seat and made a drastic change in the name of charity, but as they say; it eventually grows back.
Dennis who rides for the Clique and is the chairman of the West Coast Motorcycle Association was there, no point in shaving his head so they sprayed his beard pink.
The group shot, the wonderful bikers who took part. The very festive event raised an amazing amount of just under R11,500 with outstanding pledges of around R2,000 still to come in, thanks goes to all of the bikers and to Tallie Marine for a sizeable donation.
Henrico kept the joint rocking with his disco and there was good food on sale, it really was a great day out with pretty much all of the local clubs represented. well done to the organisers, bikers rule!

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Trobairitz said...

Awesome. Some big differences there and all for a good cause.