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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Farewell to our friends

This weekend was a good one, albeit a bit sad as well because we bade farewell to two friends who are leaving to live in England. Six ex Rhodesians, three ex members of one of the finest Police forces in the world; the BSAPolice gathered at our home for some serious eating, drinking and reminiscing.
Here they are, from left front; Nicky Hillman, Annie Surkont, my lady Janet, myself, Joe Surkont and Dave Hillman, it is the Hillmans who are leaving us and we are really going to miss them. Joe and Dave were in the same training squad in depot in 1965, I only met them some twenty six years ago when we moved to the cape but we have been good friends ever since.
We invited the four of them to spend the weekend at our house to give them a bit of a spoil to remember us by.
Fresh oysters, we were all so excited to eat them that we only remembered to take a photo after we had finished eating them!
I did remember to photograph the ones that I baked; a sprinkle of Pernod, a dash of fresh cream, a sliver of creamy blue cheese, covered with grated aged cheddar and ground black pepper. About twenty minutes in the hot oven to melt the cheese - delicious!
When Janet was ready with her side dishes; savoury rice and crunchy spinach and beetroot salad I started my mains; fish cakes which I had made up the previous day and left in the fridge to set, were made up of three different types of fish; smoked angel, local mullet and snoek which I had saved from previous seafood braai and mixed with an equal amount of mashed potato. 
I rolled them in flour, dipped in egg and covered with breadcrumbs, these were then deep fried.
At the same time I smoked two angel fish and we served up;
Here's the spread; from the seafood sauce at the bottom, the fish cakes, crunchy spinach and beetroot salad, savoury rice and smoked angel fish.
Deep fried fish cakes, I love making these things and make sure to save all my left over fish.
The plate, everyone seemed to enjoy their meal and for dessert Janet made a lovely millionaire's shortbread.
The three ex cops sat up until midnight reminiscing about the old days in the BSAP, it was great having our friends around and giving them a spoil, good luck for the future and bon voyage to Dave and Nicky and we will certainly keep intouch.
(All photos by Nicky Hillman with the exception of the top one taken by a waitress at Pearlies restaurant where we had breakfast Sunday morning.)


Trobairitz said...

A veritable feast. Looks like a great send off. Always sad to saw farewell to good friends.

the rider said...

Thanks to social media these days it will be easy to see how they are doing over there but still the personal contact will be missing.

Davnic said...

It was a weekend we will remember fondly. (as long as our memory stays put!) You and Janet are amazing hosts and we were made to feel at home the minute we arrived. Your food is always 10/10 and outshines any restaurant.. Thank you again for an 'awesome' weekend.... and Janet... I still drool thinking of you Salad and Millionaire Shortbread! We will meet again... when you come over to visit your children... XX