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Monday, November 9, 2015

Strandkombuis beach restaurant, Yzerfontein

And now for something completely different - alright beers and a braai were involved, just no bikes. We have been associated with Strandkombuis restaurant in Yzerfontein for many years, I have been supplying their mussels right from the start but I also used to supply oysters and would go there to teach the staff how to open them, and even help to open oysters for the numerous weddings that they had then. It is still a very popular wedding venue.
I got a call from Natie, the owner last week inviting Janet and I to lunch on Sunday which I accepted with alacrity, we hadn't seen them for a while and the food was excellent the last time we visited, I am a seafood lover so I had been looking forward to the lunch since that phone call.
We arrived just before 13h00 which is when the first course, a delicious chunky fish soup with homemade bread is served and the place was bustling. I went up and bought a bottle of wine and we settled in.
The restaurant is perched on top of the sand dunes just to the north of the town and has easy access to the beach right below with a spectacular view. Unfortunately that day the wind was howling so the awnings were down but it was very comfortable inside, we noticed how clean and inviting the restaurant was for such a casual venue.
You have to queue for your food but they have it so well organised that you don't wait long;
 The bread table, here Natie slices up another hot fresh loaf of homemade brown bread.
 The soup is unbelievable, I could have gone back for more but I didn't because I knew what else was coming. They have a short break in between the soup and the main buffet and I took the opportunity to go out to the braai area;
 Everything is clean and well organised, Bastian the co-owner was busy preparing the fresh Yellowtail fillets for the ovens.
 Natie, in the meantime was busy with the smoked Snoek, a South African favourite and the aromas were killing me!
 The first batch of prawns was coming off the braai, just look at the size of those things!
 They were then doused liberally with a garlic butter sauce which really got the juices flowing.
In the meantime the staff were busy setting up the salad tables and soon Natie was calling the crowd to the food tables.
 Wonderful salads on offer, a Greek salad, next a Chickpea and then an Apple salad, I only took a bit of the Chickpea which was delicious, I didn't want to take up space on my plate which could better be used for seafood!
The crowds moved in, they dish up on two sides so the queue actually moves quite fast and there's no danger of the food running out, they keep replenishing empty platters.
 My plate; mussels, deep fried calamari, smoked Snoek, baked Yellowtail, three large prawns, rice, Chickpea salad, roast potatoes and a pumpkin fritter, there were also sauces on offer but I didn't need them.

Look at me a happy man, I'm in seafood heaven! Everything on my plate had it's own taste and texture, the prawns were crisp and fresh, the calamari was tender. both types of fish were delightful, the Snoek which they smoke themselves was delicately flavoured, not overpowered by the smoke but complimented by it. I managed to go back for another small helping of both types of fish but by then I was pretty full.
To end off a perfect meal, moerkoffee and koeksusters and I was replete and completely satisfied. This is a slick and professional operation, we arrived at 13h00 and without feeling at all hurried we were finished by 15h30. We sat for a bit longer contentedly finishing our (second bottle of) wine and then it was time to leave.
The cost per person is R240 which for a three course meal of this calibre is a bargain, especially when you consider what you would pay for a seafood platter anywhere else and the quality is, as I have said, absolutely outstanding. The wines that they sell are fairly pricy but they do not charge corkage on wines if you take your own, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this restaurant to you but you have to book because it is a summertime place and they get busy.
Phone them on 022 4512360 and the manager, the lovely Chantelle will take your booking.


Trobairitz said...

Wow, you guys had a feast. I did have to look up Snoek though. And I learned something.

Looking up dollar exchange it appears you paid about $16 USD per person. Here a feast like that would cost at least $25 USD per person minimum, or 356 rand

the rider said...

Yes the Rand is pretty weak, has been for quite some time but that makes it a good time to visit South Africa.