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Friday, October 23, 2015

We visit Frank

This afternoon was one of those feel good days, after finishing work I took a ride down to Ancorr pub and parked the big red machine out front where all of the Harley riders could see it, had a beer and watched all the bikes passing by.
It was pleasant sitting in the sun but after only one beer it was time to ride through to Velddrif to meet up with the others who had organised the visit to Frank's house. I had an enjoyable cruise, being early I wasn't in any hurry and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
As it turned out only four of us met at the garage for the ride back to Vredenburg and on arrival at Frank's house we revved our engines to let him know we were there.
Eduardo and Fungis arrived shortly after us and Frank was in his element. The bikers have been good to him during his recovery, especially the lovely Monica who really takes care of her "Uncle Frank", he would be lost without her.
 We sat and chatted for a couple of hours, the usual bullshit that only guys, especially bikers can talk and Frank thoroughly enjoyed himself. He's in good spirits in spite of quite a lot of pain from the fractured ribs. Here from left clockwise; Eduardo, Frank, Dan, Rory, Fungis and Eugene - bikers all. Well done guys.
I feel that I must mention that I had a run in on the way home with a drunk driver, at least he seemed to be drunk to me; I was riding just above the legal limit in the right hand (fast lane) when I saw this car coming behind me and moving to my right he forced his way past me! As he went past I indicated my displeasure with my middle finger and set of in pursuit. He proceeded to swerve through the traffic at high speed with his hazard lights flashing and I caught up to him at the traffic lights in town.
I pulled up nest to him and signalled that I wanted to talk at which time he lowered his window by two inches and I invited him to get out. This idiot then raised his hands in a submissive kind of gesture but did not want to talk to me, I told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of him but decided to leave it at that. When I told Janet the story she said no wonder he didn't want to get out of his car, seeing a huge angry biker would make anybody stay in their car.
I felt great after my afternoon, I felt alive after spending time with my brothers and after a high speed chase! Tomorrow we are off on the dart run and I will tell you all about that.


Katalina Winter said...

Please tell Frank I hope he gets well soon. Unfortunately I don't have a contact number for him.

the rider said...

Thanks Kat., I will certainly pass your message on to him.