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Monday, October 26, 2015

Meeulanders Dart Run 2015

Okay so I'm a biker........Isn't this a great picture? This lovely young woman agreed to pose with a dirty old man, but I'm getting ahead of myself, this picture was taken late on Saturday night at the hotel in Eland's Bay (Janet had already gone to bed) and what a party it turned out to be!
We arrived at "Die Wingerd" dance hall and bar in Vredenberg at 11h30 and already I was seeing 24 degrees Celsius on my readout, there was quite a good crowd already and the dart throwing was already taking place under the watchful eye of Jolene;
I was surprised that Janet took part, she doesn't play darts, neither do I for that matter and we didn't feature in the prize giving.
Murray Harris concentrating on his throw
In the meantime the guys were busy outside braaiing the boerewors for our "boerie rolls"
and somewhere around 13h00 it was time to get the mob on the road for the next destination, the R45 pub at the "Plaasmol",
Lovely biker chicks in Stormers country; from left Wendy, Mercia, Janet and Monica.
We blasted through to the R45, still very warm and as it was already quite a sizeable bunch of bikers it was difficult to stay together through the Saturday traffic but it didn't take long to get the next dart on the go.
After a short time spent at the pub we were back on the road for the very pleasant ride through from Hopefield to Velddrif, that road has been repaired and what was once a very bumpy, slow ride is now really worth using again.
We took it easy, cruising along at about 120kph and as we approached Velddrif we rode into coastal fog which dropped the temperature by a huge eight degrees.
We were soon lining the bikes up outside the "Wielhuys" pub for the third dart of the day.
Under the strict control of Divi and Jolene the competition got underway immediately, anyway most of the guys wanted to be at the hotel in time for the semi final game between the Boks and the All Blacks.
Some of the participants;

    The Harris' on their LT
 Heinie and Gerda and the new Triumph
Stephen and Carmien on their Yamaha


The next part of the ride was about forty kilometres along the coastal road to a small farm stall called "Skooltjie" (little school), the road is notoriously bad with several patched pot holes that can give a serious jolt, especially to the pillion passenger so I just cruised along enjoying the now chilly weather. At that stop there was another boerie roll for everyone, making sure the stomachs were well lined.

The next throw was an undignified one with which I had considerable difficulty, it took me many throws to hit the board and I kept feeling like I was going to fall forward onto my forehead! Eventually I got a dart to score but I could see by then that I was not in the running.
A short ride from there to the hotel, again a rough patchy section of road over which I took it easy and by 16h30 we were parked at our destination for the night, we got settled in to our room and then got ready for the party.
Obviously they often have bikers staying over!
I'll tell you all about the party in my next post shortly, watch this space!


Trobairitz said...

Nice t-shirt. Doesn't that just make you change your stance on bikers, lol.

I think if I tried to throw a dart through my legs I'd definitely end up ass over tea kettle on the ground.

the rider said...

Yes Brandy that was the most difficult dart throw and pretty much the leveller, most people took ages just to get a dart into the board!
As for that young lady with the tee shirt, I just had to get a photo with her, and she was a good sport.