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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dart run part two - the party

It was actually a pity that the rugby world cup semi final was on that evening because it slowed things down a bit. We all moved into the pub to drink and watch the game, which only started at 17h00 so the fires for our dinner braai only got started late.
But anyway herewith a pictorial essay of the evening;
 In the bar Alex, the Mohicans President chats with Stephen, whom we hadn't seen for a while.
Our lovely Monica, I took this photo for Frank because he just loves her, she takes such good care of him.
 In the meantime Steve was outside helping to get the fires going.
 Another random sign that amused me; "Silence please" in between the ladies and gents toilets, what normally goes on here? Are they usually noisy?
Soon the fires were roaring, it was actually very cold that evening so they kept people warm while the meat was being readied for braaiing.

Mike, Stephen and Murray (among others) did an excellent job braaiing all of the meat so that it was ready for everyone after the rugby had finished, which was unfortunately a bit late for some of us who were starving by then!

 I caught Mercia digging into the potato salad while she thought that nobody was watching!
Dammit I love this lady biker, she is one of the characters of any event, a real party animal.
 My brother Sooi was outside enjoying the spectacle.
It was around 21h30 when the dinner was served and there were a lot of hungry bikers by then but there was plenty of good food to go around.
In the pub just before midnight they called last rounds so as is usual we all ordered three last drinks to take outside, that was when Mercia arrived with this sign;
 "No drinks beyond this point" - which point? I'm going to be with these people again at the Beaver rally on the weekend and you just know that it's going to be one hell of another party!
This last picture was taken at midnight, I cannot remember who took it but it started to rain shortly thereafter and I used that as a good excuse to call it a night and head off to bed.
It had been an excellent party once again, the last photo of last year's dart run was quite similar! I'm afraid that I did not pay attention to the prize giving although I do remember that my bro Alex won the booby prize for the worst score.
We had a good breakfast the next morning and a very pleasant ride home, we called in at Frank's on the way to give him a nice packet of biscuits for his tea and to check that he was alright, he had been missed at the party with lots of people raising a glass to his speedy recovery.
I believe that 60 people took part in the dart competition! It was a sterling effort by the club President Divi and his team to organise such a well run event, we just pitched up and enjoyed ourselves but many others worked their butts off to make sure that it ran smoothly, well done to you all.


Trobairitz said...

You folks really know how to hold a braais. And party!

Gerrie Pieterse said...

Looks like I missed a good jol!

the rider said...

Brandy biking in South Africa is a party! If it's not a rally it's what we call a day "jol" which is a colloquial term for a party, or it's a breakfast run which develops into a party or it's just a party. Not sure how long I can keep it up!

Gerrie you did miss a good one but it sounds like your ride was a good one too.