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Sunday, September 20, 2015

South Africans braai anywhere

I posted this on my "Braais, Beers and Bikes" facebook page and it got a lot of interest, this just goes to show that South Africans will have a braai wherever and whenever they can even if it is out in the middle of the ocean on a submarine!
I have never been in a submarine and I cannot imagine what it must be like but when they surface the guys must be desperate for some fresh air, obviously they will not have any beers on board but they can make a plan for a braai, good on them!
Those readers who are not South Africans need to get over here for a visit, at the moment your money is bloody good and the first South Africans you meet will offer you a braai - come on over!


Trobairitz said...

Very cool picture.

the rider said...

It's true Brandy, us South Africans will braai (barbeque) anywhere we can.