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Sunday, April 19, 2015

April breakfast run to DuVlei restaurant becomes lunch

Last Sunday was the Meeulanders' April breakfast run, it was delayed by a week due to the Easter weekend and saw fifteen people on eleven motorbikes gather on the main road in Vredenburg.

I left home just after 08h00 and to my dismay there was an extremely thick, wet fog which I was sure was going to ruin the ride, we have ridden in fog before many times because it is a regular occurrence on the west coast and it is extremely dangerous, especially when trying to join one of the main national roads. Luckily this time the fog lifted by the time I reached the meeting place and apart from small patches in low-lying areas, it was soon clear and sunny.
I was the first one at the meeting place but soon the others arrived, Janet was not on the ride this time as our friend Linda was visiting and they were going to do "girly" things.
The usual R45 ride to Malmesbury was enjoyable, we maintained a disciplined formation slightly over the speed limit and an hour later we were pulling into the garage forecourt for a smoke break and leg stretch.
The difference this time was that good old Koos had brought along a cold bottle of Cape Velvet and a whole lot of shot glasses - bless him. Cape Velvet is an iconic South African cream liqueur much loved by all of us, Jenny did the honours,
 Look how much Koos is enjoying his Cape Velvet! That stuff went down like pudding, delicious - well done that man!
It's not far from Malmesbury to Du Vlei Restaurant on the other side of Riebeek, there is one very good Pass descending into the Riebeek Valley past the Pieter Gruythoff monument, where the ashes of my old BSAP buddy Paul Weinel are scattered, Div., in front on his Harley pulled aside to let Gerrie Pieterse get past, Gerrie is a crazy corner man on his Super Tenere and he soon disappeared into the distance. I was next but I don't try to keep up with him, we waited at the bottom of the pass for the others and then resumed the formation to the restaurant.
Du Vlei has become a popular biker venue and is usually crowded on a Sunday, luckily Div had phoned ahead and had secured us a veranda spot.
By 10h30 we placed our orders, and it was a good job that the beers were cold because we had quite a long wait.
We eventually ate at 12h30 but nobody seemed bothered by the fact that breakfast became lunch, Frank said that it gave us all time to sit and chat. It was a good meal and I was bloody hungry by then, also I had had three beers - the bike would be cornering much better on the way home!
We all split up after the meal, I had a fast and enjoyable ride through to the pub at "Plaasmol" the other side of Hopefield where I was soon joined by the rest of the mob, a short stop there and I headed for home. Altogether a very good day with a good bunch of people, bikers - ya gotta love 'em.
April 25th is the Undaunted Day jol at Plaasmol, maybe some of you should take a ride up the R27 and come join us, it's going to be a good one.


Katalina Winter said...

Hi Andrew. Looks like a fun trip you guys had - "Bikers in the Mist" no doubt.

You might know about this upcoming event on Sun 26th @ Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville - Blues meets Rock event.

Seeing it's a long weekend, no doubt the guys would want to make full use of the party mood and extend their Saturday UNDAUNTED day jol revelry into Sunday's cruisin' bluesin' and revvin' rockin' weekend wind down.

Tickets available @ Computicket @ R150pp. More info about the event on Computicket's website.

Trobairitz said...

Sure glad that fog lifted. I hate riding in fog. People around here don't turn their headlights on for it and it can be dangerous pulling out onto a road.

I can't believe you guys waited 2 hours for breakfast/lunch (brunch). Good thing you had great company while you waited.

the rider said...

Hi Brandy, we get a lot of fog here and there are often fools who don't put their lights on, most do though but can definitely be dangerous. I think that that little restaurant just couldn't cope with all the business, nobody was stressed about it though, except maybe the staff!

the rider said...

Hi Kat., looks like that could be a good jol, I hope that a lot of the bikers attend.