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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Mohicans at the Rooikraans

Last Friday afternoon I was playing pool with Frank as usual when we heard the welcome and exciting sound of multiple bikes arriving outside the "Rooikraans pub", the sound heralded the arrival of several members of the newly formed west coast chapter of the Mohicans club who popped in for a drink and a quick game of pool.
Most of the guys we know and it was good to see that there were a few new young members and that the chapter was growing, good luck guys and may the Mohicans go from strength to strength.
Terence on his new machine, he bought this beauty in East London.
Some serious eye candy there!
The late Quintin Vermeulen tribute bike, now being ridden by his brother a new member of the chapter, ride safe brother.
Isn't that a heart-warming sight? A beautiful bunch of heavy metal parked outside the pub.
Friday afternoon was the usual very enjoyable prelude to the weekend, a couple of drinks, a good few games of pool and a lot of good natured banter after a hard week's work. I look forward to my Friday afternoons and if for any reason I can't play pool I feel very hard done by.


Trobairitz said...

So the last one to pull into the pub would have been the Last of the Mohicans? Or would that be the last one to leave?

Sorry - couldn't resist. :-)

the rider said...

Haha good one Brandy! I'm going to use that next time I see them.

Thomas Osburn said...

It's always great to get riders together for some good food and conversation. It is nice to see everyone's bikes.

the rider said...

Thanks for your comment Thomas, I love seeing bikes parked outside a pub, that makes it a good pub for me and to see a group of bikes outside my regular on a Friday afternoon is especially good.

Jp Fourie said...

Hi, i am an old member of the Mohicans Marble Hall. I am currently in Namibia and want to start the groupe here. Can anybody advice me accordingly please Thanks Jp @ fourie.jp1@gmail.com

the rider said...

Hi JP, thanks for your comment and your query I am friends with the Western Cape President of the Mohicans and also with the National President; Marco in Pretoria. I will pass your email address on and ask them to contact you - in the meantime keep reading this blog Bro.