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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sunset cruise

Yesterday evening I was feeling lazy, Janet was in Durban on business and I was intent on having a quiet time. I had received a "Whatsapp" message from Divi earlier, a reminder about the sunset cruise, but I didn't think I was going to bother, relax with a couple of glasses of wine man!
Just after 18h00 I opened the front door and had a look outside, it was a wonderful warm and calm evening, just perfect for riding and suddenly I had the urge to go. I had to be at the Engen garage in Velddrif before 19h00 when they would be leaving, it was only about 40kms to Velddrif and at 200kmh that wouldn't take long.
It was a splendid ride, warm and calm and the bike was performing beautifully. Recently serviced in Capetown and wearing new rubber it felt solid and planted but responsive and agile at the same time and between Vredenburg and Velddrif I did indeed hold it at 200kmh arriving at the gathering point with plenty of time to spare.
This sunset cruise is a new initiative by the members of the newly formed West Coast Motorcycle Association, I suppose that could be "re-established" association because there was an attempt to form the association some time back but it didn't get off the ground, these guys seem to have it right and may it go from strength to strength.
I didn't count the number of bikes (twelve?) or the number of people but a fair bunch thundered out of the forecourt at exactly 19h00 and headed down the R27 but after only some 10kms we pulled off into a large tarred laybye and parked the bikes.
Good enough, this was a social event and not a mass ride and soon the bottles and flasks were produced and conversation flowed.
Divi, the Meeulanders President chats with Ettienne of the WMA. It was around this time that Divi pointed out that my favourite flask that I had bought in Scotland in 2003 was leaking and the precious liquid was dripping onto the tarmac! In times of crisis plans are urgently formulated and I kept my finger over the neck and held the flask upside down in between sips but how much of the lovely amber liquid had been wasted? I ask you with tears in my eyes.
All is not lost though, I do have another flask which my lovely family bought for me when they went to Las Vegas last year, I will try that one next time, might have to sleep in the laybye though!
As the sun set the guys decided to make a bonfire, cautiously bearing in mind how dry the veld is at the moment, it was good to feel the warmth of the fire and share the camaraderie that only bikers know.
I took my leave of my brothers and sisters, it had been a very pleasant experience and one which I will repeat as long as the weather allows, winter is just around the corner! The ride home was sublime, I cruised not wanting to tangle with any small buck or porcupine that usually come out to play at this time of the day, I had forgotten how much I enjoy riding at night.


Trobairitz said...

A nice warm ride? I can't imagine right now. You're heading towards Winter and our first day of Spring is tomorrow.

the rider said...

At least our winter is relatively short and even in the midst of it we still get beautiful riding days occasionally. We get rain in the winter though so when it's miserable it gets REALLY miserable!