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Monday, November 17, 2014

Food handover and Sunday memorial run

A couple of weeks back I wrote about the Meeulanders "Tin run" where members gathered outside the various local supermarkets and gently persuaded members of the public to donate tins or dry food products for needy people.
A sterling effort by a small number of club members netted a huge amount of food, conservatively estimated at R25,000 worth with the members who collected at the Laguna Mall in Langebaan managing the most number of trolleys.
On Saturday morning we loaded the swag onto three bakkies and carted it through to "Juffroshoogte" to hand it over to the local Round table for distribution.
A representative selection of the food was displayed on one of the tables for an official handover and the members gathered around.
The Round Table President on the left receiving the food from Div., the Meeulanders President.
Well done guys and ladies, this is just a small part of what this club and indeed all of the South African bike clubs do on a continous basis for charity, I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it; "Bikers are wonderful people."
On Sunday morning Janet and I arrived at the FNB car park in Vredenburg at around 08h30 where the bikers were gathering to ride to the Lighthouse Church for the annual memorial run, already there were plenty of bikers there and more arriving all the time.
Janet was impressed with this, "Real men prepared to support breast cancer awareness."
 By 08h55 we saddled up to ride the short distance down to the church and I was amazed by the number of bikers that had assembled to pay their respects to our departed brothers and sisters, I didn't count them, I'm not sure if anyone did but it was a huge crowd, extremely heartwarming.
The service was a tear-jerker, conducted by Errol the biker pastor and I'm not ashamed to say that I shed tears when the names were read out and the pictures of the fallen came up on the screen.
After the service family and friends placed flowers next to the name board, it was a sad morning and in a contemplative mood we headed home, please no more names for this list.


Trobairitz said...

Good job collecting the food for the needy. I agree, bikers are a generous lot. it helps counteract all the negative publicity that can come with riding on two wheels.

And memorial rides are always so somber. Whether we know one of the ones that have passed or not.

Gerrie Pieterse said...

This get together seems to grow every year. It's great to let the people who lost loved ones know that they're not forgotten. Yeah, it was a very emotional service.