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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Beaver Rally 2014, part one; the journey and the party

I managed to get work done and finished by 12h15 on Friday, I had packed the night before and I was side-stand up and roaring away from my house by 12h40. Cutting it a bit fine, I hate it when work interferes with play, I had told Frank that I would meet him at the Engen One Stop by 13h00, it was a warm and partly cloudy day but the south easter was pumping as I sped up the road, already feeling great to be out on the bike, I consciously relaxed my shoulders and unclenched my jaw, bring it on!
Frank was ready to ride by the time I got to the parking area, no time for coffee, we sped out onto the R45 heading for Moorreesburg and then Riebeek for the first smoke/beer break. The wind was blowing strong from our right hand side, causing me to ride heeled over every now and then as a particularly strong blast came through. 
 We sat inside the "Grumpy Grouse" in Riebeek West enjoying a bitterly cold beer, it had been a pleasant hour riding in spite of the wind, which was unfortunately going to get worse before it got any better. It's particularly pleasing to look out at your bike in the parking area and to contemplate the rest of the ride.
We encountered really strong side winds riding through the Tulbagh Valley and unfortunately the traffic was heavy and stupid, there was congestion because of the road works between Wolsely and Worcester and more than one instance of stupid motorists putting our lives and theirs at risk because they were too impatient to wait. That part of the trip took longer than anticipated and because we were careful we eventually arrived safely at the "Whistlestop" where Frank had to have another cigarette.
We met up with Alex and Mercia there and decided to press on and stop for a beer at the "Dros" in Robertson. the R400 from Worcester to Robertson and beyond is one of my favourite roads and we traditionally ride it fast but that afternoon it was crowded with motorists and bikers, most of the cagers would pull over to let us past but there was often the usual big SUV with the pathetic stick figure family displayed on the rear windscreen who either didn't see us at first or who just didn't care to let us through.
It was a blast though! We were all doing 170/180kmh to their 130/140kmh, we don't take up much space and we certainly don't contribute to traffic congestion - just let us through for goodness sake!
The beers were cold at the Dros and there wasn't far to go, just the other side of Montagu which was only some 25 to 30 kms away, we relaxed for a while, discussing our ride and the stupidity of some of the other road users.
The rally site was lovely, a holiday resort just outside of Montagu with chalets and camping area on the banks of a dam, we found our friends easily enough and the first thing we encountered was Anton's homemade "sauce"!
 he makes it himself and if I recall correctly two of the several ingredients are Vodka and condensed milk, it was strong, thick and sweet and that might have been where the trouble started!
It was good to see our friends again but first things first, get the tents up. I have learnt through bitter experience to erect the tent before going to party otherwise when you get back in the early hours of the morning all you can do is put your tent on like a big jersey!
The site is great, plenty of shade trees and lush grass, very comfortable, we got our essentials ready; Frank carries a bottle of Cane spirits with diet coke and I carry a bottle of whisky and a couple of bottles of water, all set - time to go meet and greet.
One of the first people I saw was my lovely friend Nancy, she and Peter are at most of the cape rallies and day jols, she rides her own cruiser and is also involved in taking tourists around the cape with Cape sidecar tours, a real enthusiastic biker lady.
Another lovely biker lady whose name I did not get, I remember thinking "These photos are going to get me in trouble!" As the evening progressed the crowd grew in number and the party raged on into the night. The band was excellent and they rocked the right kind of music all night.
My friend Alan on the left, at all the Cape rallies and dayjols and always dressed like that!
My bro Alex with the visiting President of the Mohicans in Pretoria, the guys were forming a new chapter of the Mohicans on the west coast, good luck guys!
Meanwhile back at the camp Anton was trying to get his fire going;
this could take a while! I had wandered down to get changed as the evening was cooling a bit and there was a good party going on down there!
I was made to feel very welcome on my return to the main tent! Well by some of the people that is;
It had developed into a very lively party, everyone having a great time,
 It's a rule that when you shout "Show us yer tits" at a biker chick she has to do that, isn't it? This is the closest we could get, still great though isn't it?
It was good to see Eduardo and Fungis there, Eduardo is the President of the local chapter of the Gypsy Jokers and they were well represented. I do not know what time it was that I eventually made my way down to my tent, the bar closed at 02h00 but that was alright I still had my private supply, apparently it was somewhere around 04h00. It was still noisy as I drifted off into a fitful sleep, conversations ebbed and flowed around me, I could hear snoring and there was the occasional roar of bike engines being revved to the limiter in different parts of the camp..........ahhh rally! What a party it had been.
To be continued......................


George Ferreira said...

You guys have too much fun, wish I could go ride there.

Chiller tek said...

180kmh you guys get along at a pretty good clip.
Looks like a great time was had by all.

the rider said...

Thanks for the comments guys; George the rally was great, I'm going to write up the second part this weekend.

Rob here in SA bikers ride fast, we ride big bikes and we take control. I was doing 170-180kmh riding home and many bikes overtook me, biker heaven!

Michael Harris said...

Looks like a great time. Makes me want to come back to RSA.

the rider said...

It was a great time Michael, SA rallies are great, the biking fraternity is fantastic - maybe you should come back?

Trobairitz said...

Looks like the party made the crap traffic to get there well worth it.

Why is it people use those damn stick figure stickers? They're all over here too.


the rider said...

Brandy someone has made money out of those stupid "My family" stickers!!!