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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Offal potjie for lunch

Really good weather now, Saturday we went for a local cruise out to Club Mykonos to have a look at what's happening at the festival, which has been on the go for the whole week. It was a bit of a disappointment though, looked like it was winding down. We sat on the Marina deck and enjoyed a bitterly cold Castle draught but there wasn't much going on.
Here's me eagerly awaiting the arrival of my draught beer. There was a muso warming up on the stage behind me and probably the place would fill up a bit for lunch but we decided to move on because the food has been rather disappointing there of late.
Janet suggested "Offal potjie" at "Vlakvarkgat" out on the R27 - perfect! Just what I felt like. You will have read of this strangely named place in past posts, it's difficult for me to try and explain what it means, the closest I can get is "Shallow pig hole", some of my friends might correct me, I speak Afrikaans pretty well but I'm not fluent.
It's a very nice casual place, good pub food and it is popular with the biking fraternity, biker friendly they host a rally every year. The site is huge with three pubs, a big swimming pool and plenty of grass and shade for camping, we go there fairly often and I have had the offal pot before and really enjoyed it.
Served in a three-legged pot, steaming hot with sweet pumpkin and Samp, for those who are unfamiliar with this meal let me explain; proper offal consists of a mixture of the gut of a lamb or sheep with other offcuts like the stomach, intestines and often the feet. Liver and kidneys are also considered offal but they are not usually included in this pot but are eaten separately. This was all in a delicious lightly curried gravy. It may sound disgusting to many but it is a very popular food here in South Africa, especially amongst the black people.
Samp is white corn often mixed with "Sugar beans", tender and tasty, altogether a very satisfying meal.
Janet had the same meal, she enjoyed it so much that there wasn't anything left for me! Less than R250 with a bottle of ice cold Sauvignon Blanc and the gratuity, I consider that a bargain, we'll be back.
A pleasant ride home in the warm early afternoon sun rounded off an altogether very enjoyable day out. We are fortunate here on the cape west coast, there are plenty of really good, mostly reasonably priced eateries within a forty kilometer radius so we eat out a lot, in fact it's one of our favourite pastimes, see you there.

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