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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Meeulanders 2014 tin run

The Meeulanders motorcycle club members were at it again yesterday, back on another charity run as bikers all over the world are wont to do. This time they occupied space outside four of the larger grocery stores; the Spar in Saint Helena Bay, the Pick and Pay in Vredenburg, the Checkers at the West Coast Mall and the Pick and Pay at the Laguna Mall in Langebaan.
Bikers giving up their time to collect food for needy people. I have posed this question before; how many other types of clubs or groups do this? Is it only bikers? I think so.
I had the best job; riding around to the different locations to take photographs! It was a sunny day but rather cold and windy with the last few chilly tendrils of Winter mixed in with the refreshingly clean Spring fragrances.
 Div., the Club President, Caro and Gerrie had set up at the Saint Helena Bay Spar by the time I got there and were waiting for the business to pick up, I stayed with them for a little while and then headed back to Vredenburg to the Pick and Pay,
There I saw Frank, Charmain, Craig and Monica with Alex and his good lady, they had also just set up and were awaiting donations. The management had allowed them to park the motorbikes close by which is a good way to attract attention.
From there I rode the short distance to the West Coast Mall,
 where things were already on the go and two trolleys were already carrying a fair amount of tinned food. From there I had a nice blast through to Langebaan and the Laguna Mall, by then it was around 11h00 and the place was buzzing.
the "Powers-that-be" had allowed the guys to park their motorbikes inside the passageway and this was real attention grabber, as you can see the two trolleys were well loaded and Soy had already taken one full bag out to the vehicle!
the mall was busy and the customers were in a generous mood, apparently some just donated cash which the members then used to buy tins to put in the trolleys.
Well done guys and girls, you Rock! Last year the club managed to collect an amazing 2,200kgs of food which was shortly thereafter handed over to the Round Table Association for distribution, from what I saw they were well on their way to a similar amount, ya gotta love bikers!
Part two of this story will be the tally-up and the hand over and I'll tell you all about it.

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Trobairitz said...

Definitely a worthy cause.

There may be other groups that do charity work, but I don't think they do it on the large scale bikers do.