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Friday, July 4, 2014

Winter blues

Man this weather sucks! Alright I acknowledge that our winter down here in the southern hemisphere is not as bad as our biker brothers and sisters get up there in the north, we still get lovely mild riding days in the middle of winter, but the past week or two has been lousy. If I remember correctly Monday and Tuesday last week were beautiful mild days but I had to work, what the hell good is that? Man this working for a living sucks!
The Meeulanders mcc, which Janet and I have recently joined, has their monthly breakfast run scheduled for Sunday so here's hoping it's a good day so that we can get some saddle time.
For the past many years I have resisted joining any clubs but have ridden with the Meeulanders on many rallies and breakfast runs and they have always accepted me as if I was a member, even as far as loading my gear onto the group's vehicle which carries extra kit to the rally site, hell man at the last Buffalo rally they even erected my tent for me before I arrived!
So it was that after some discussion Janet and I decided to apply for membership and we were happily accepted, we have since been to two of the regular monthly meetings and I must say that right away I emjoyed the spirit of cameraderie there. We have not been "patched" yet but I expect that won't take long, from now on we are club riders.

So of "Braais, beers and bikes" there has only been beers of late, hopefully on the bike soon, not the weather for braais. Talking about food; the other organisation of which I am a member is the local Sheep's head guild and my friend and I went for dinner last Tuesday;
this was my meal, delicious crispy roasted sheep's head. Not to everyone's taste I accept, but I love it.
 Accompanied by a good red wine, I can think of no other meal which gives so many different tastes and textures on one plate from the skin and cheeks, the eyes, the tongue and the brains - it's all good. I look forward to each occasion.
I'm meeting Frank for our weekly pool game this afternoon, sometimes we are joined by other players and it gets quite noisy, I'll take my camera along and show you some pictures, stay safe out there.
Happy fourth of July to my American friends.

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