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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Friday pool at the Rooikrans pub

So Friday afternoon Frank and I met as usual at the Rooikrans pub in Vredenburg for our weekly pool tournament, sometimes it's just the two of us, but more and more often now we are joined by others wanting to play some games. This time Don and Anton came along and as usual it turned into a boisterous session interspersed with expletives typical to a group of bikers. I love it!
In this video clip Frank managed to beat Anton, which doesn't happen all that often, Anton is an ex league player who plays a cautious, tactical game whereas Frank and I tend to hit and hope and you will actually hear Frank playing a "Danny" shot which refers to the way our dear departed brother Danny used to play.
There's Frank, standing like a champ.!
Anton going for his shot.
Any of you fancy yourself as pool players come on over to the Rooikraans on a Friday afternoon, it's where the bikers hang out and talk shit!

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the rider said...

For some reason the video did not download, should anyone be interested in viewing it please visit and "like" the facebook page; Braais, beers and bikes", it's on there.