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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rest in peace Daniel and Vina

(Picture borrowed from facebook) I do not want this blog to become a notice board for fallen brothers and sisters, on Sunday we lost Daniel and Vina in an accident in Capetown - may their dear souls rest in peace.
I first met Danny several years ago when he was running the Phoenix bar in Vredenburg, I wrote often about how we used to end up there after a weekend run and what a pleasant biker bar it was.
Danny was a fun loving character who really enjoyed our pool games at the pub and in fact Frank and I named a particular pool shot the "Danny shot" long ago, that is the shot where you hit the ball like hell and hope it goes in one of the pockets, he used to get away with it often! From now on the "Danny shot" will be particularly poignant.
We met Vina with Danny later at the Rooikraans pub where we used to play pool after the Phoenix bar closed. The biking fraternity has lost a brother and sister and we are the poorer for the loss, we will miss them.


Chiller tek said...

G'Day mate
Sorry to hear you lost some good friends.
May they ride on forever in the afterlife.


the rider said...

Thanks for that Rob.

bob skoot said...

I am sorry too. It's hard to lose good friends.

Life is more fragile than we think and it just reminds us that we have to do what we like whilst we are able, for you just never know what the future will bring

Riding the Wet Coast

the rider said...

You're so right Bob, live for the day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
That is very very sad!!! I remember Danny well. My condolences to you and all who knew them

the rider said...

Yes Dick it was a shock, he was just getting back on his feet after battling for quite a while.

Niki said...

Ah man that is sad. I knew Danny very well in the early 2000's. What a guy! You will be missed, sweetheart. RIP xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew, this is very sad news indeed.
Bunny and I loved going to Pheonix to play pool and even watch you and Frank play while Danny served at the counter. We enjoyed him very much and often had long chats with him.
Our condolences to all who knew him and particularly to the Gypsy Jokers.