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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Buffalo Rally follow up

I have just received some good news for those of you who were at the Buffalo Rally a couple of weeks ago, and for those of you who regularly attend the Buff......it's not moving! I don't think I mentioned the fact that there were rumours flying around that the site had been sold and that the Buffalo Rally was moving to Parys. I am not sure where the rumour originated but I heard it on Sunday before I left.
I have just been in contact with Luderick Jacoby, President of the Nomads mcc, and he told me that the municipality is meeting on 24th April to consider another three year contract to hold the Buffalo Rally in Mosselbay. I am sure that the businesses in the town are fully in favour of the amount of cash that flows into the coffers over that weekend and that there will be at least another three rallies for us to attend, good news indeed.

On a separate note thanks for the feedback comments on my previous post, I was starting to get the feeling that I was wasting my time but as long as I know that people are reading this I will carry on.

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