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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A quiet and simple meal, but a braai nonetheless

Saturday, a bit windy but warm and sunny so I decided to have a braai. I've been taking flak from a couple of my friends since I bought my gas braai for the back veranda so I decided to let them see that if the weather's good I still do a traditional braai. I didn't invite them, I just let them see.
My contention is that with the gas braai outside on my back veranda I can still do outside cooking even if the weather's bad and in fact Janet used the gas cooker to do her amazing sweetcorn fritters.
But I'm getting ahead of myself here. I have just recently bought a new braai to replace an old one that Janet and Linda managed to ruin with a huge bonfire, but enough of that, so I lit a big fire in it this morning to burn off all of the new paint and to get it ready for cooking lunch.
It's a handy size, made out of half an old geyser with a grid and legs that fold up and can be secured underneath and for which I paid R480 - a bargain for me because I am not capable of making something like that.
Once my fire was ready I slapped on a lovely slab of lamb rib, my favourite meat. I am a meat eater, I eat all meat but I really think that lamb is the one.
Once the rib section was browned well on both sides I took it off and sliced it into individual ribs,
 These then go back onto the grid to be seasoned and "crisped", I used Aromat, garlic flakes, green onion spice, mixed herbs and lemon pepper and kept turning them until they were nice and crispy. We ate the ribs as a starter and then I braaiied a lovely piece of boerewors which Linda got for us, absolutely delicious, boerewors is a South African staple and you will hardly ever find a braai here without some boerewors sizzling on the grid as the juices drip onto the coals.
In fact there is nothing quite like the smell of boerewors on the braai to get the taste buds tingling and in many a supermarket car park the smell of "boerie" greets you on most Saturday and Sunday mornings as vendors greet the morning shoppers offering them the ubiquitous boerewors rolls.
So lunch was a relatively simple affair today, but it was delicious as those type of affairs often are. We relaxed on the back veranda and enjoyed each others company, drank some good wine and partook of a simple meal and we'll do it again soon you can bet on that!


Chiller tek said...

Mmmm the boerewors looks great. I had some just like that one on friday at our break up christmas party. We have a resident South Ifrican at our work who introduced us to it. Fantastic sausage.

the rider said...

Hi Rob yes as I mentioned it's a South African staple and is made differently all over the country. The nice part is tasting the different varieties when travelling around, we have an excellent one made here so we're happy.