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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ek & Djy Vissery and the "Vlakkies" Rally

A lovely sunny and calm weekend prompted as much two-wheeled time as possible and as there was a rally at "Vlakvarkgat" there were lots of bikers in the area, this is always a good thing as far as I am concerned.
Janet and I saddled up for a local cruise after I had given the big red machine a thorough wash and we headed out to Velddrif to see what was happening at "Ek en Djy Vissery", my old biker buddy Des' place on the banks of the Berg River.
The place was buzzing! Des now serves breakfast and lunch and the place is licensed, it was good to see bikers coming and going and to chat with our friends. It really is a pleasant spot, well worth a visit.
We sat on the shaded jetty and relaxed with a cold one for a while and then it was time to move along.
We stopped for a lunch at Pearly's in Langebaan and then it was time to take Janet home, she didn't feel like going to the rally, I on the other hand wanted to see what was going on and I knew that several friends from the Meeulanders and the Kreefsmokkelaars Clubs would be there.
The rally site is well maintained, rolling lawns and plenty of shade trees and it was full of happy bikers doing what bikers do best; partying. Two of the first people I saw there were Div., the Meeulanders president and Alan a friend from many Cape rallies.
Those of you who attend rallies in the Cape will no doubt have seen Alan wandering around like this! Not a care in the world, a really pleasant guy.
I moved along to the second of the three bars in the campsite and found a pretty young barmaid with a nice "decolletage", this was where I was to buy my drinks from then on.
I met up with Joe and Kettings in the bar, Joe is trying to cope with the recent tragic loss of his son Llewelyn and was getting much love from his brothers and sisters.
Time to move on, no good standing around drinking with the boys just because there's a pretty barmaid!
The rest of the Kreefsmokkelaars arrived and set up camp which is what I should have done.
Des lends a helping hand.
Shaun seemed to be battling with his tent until Jean's girlfriend helped him set it up.
I wandered around for a bit longer chatting to friends but I didn't want to stay much longer, I had already had a couple of drinks and it was either leave now or stay the night.
I had a nice fast ride home towards the setting sun, it's only about twenty kilometres so it didn't take me long, it was a very nice rally from what I had seen, next year I'll take my tent.

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