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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Iconic biker

I came across this really cool photo, taken by Jenny Foster Ermes, on facebook of my old biker buddy Des Pistorius and his sidekick Boswell. I think it was taken at the recent 1000 bike show, not sure about that one but Des is an iconic figure in the biking fraternity, he lives in Durban but is seen at bike jols all over the country. I last saw him at the recent Buffalo Rally in Mossel Bay and before that he was travelling through my area on a "Round-the-country" trip on a Vespa scooter towing a trailer back in 2011.
He has had that Goldwing for many years and has just clocked up 1,253,000kms! He tells me that he has been through 110 back tyres, 56 front tyres, 13 batteries and 5 water pumps, not many people can match those figures I'm sure, in fact I would love to hear if anyone can come close!
Boswell travels everywhere with Des, perched on a pad on the tank of the bike, I took this photo of the two of them at our biker pub when they travelled through.
My daughter said to me "Dad, I'll bet you want to be just like him when you grow up." she's right!
Good luck Des, keep on rolling and I hope to see you again soon my brother.

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