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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sheep's Head Guild revisited

If you've been reading my stuff, and I can only assume that a few have from my visitors log and my pageviews because I don't get comments, not like some of the blogs I read! They get twenty or more comments, I've never had that many! Anyway enough ranting. I don't need your comments!
My friend Vos invited me to another "Sheep's head guild" dinner the other night, and that's what I was getting at earlier, if you have been reading my stuff you will have seen that I went to one of these a while ago and loved it.
To be quite honest when I got the invite I said to Janet that I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, it takes quite a strong stomach to eat this and I wasn't sure if I had the stomach this time.
I had the option to go for the "Offal Pot" which is a stew made from the stomach and intestines which I really enjoy but at the last minute I thought "No! I'm going for the smiley." and I was ultimately glad that I made that decision.
An attractive young lady served our wine and didn't seem at all perturbed by our culinary choices, a good red wine goes well with roast lamb, and I must say that the heads were beautifully roasted, crispy and delicious. There was an array of salads, potatoes and vegetables but we both opted for a couple of slices of bread just to cut the fat and I like to eat the brains spread on bread.
By this stage I had cleared all of the crispy skin from the head and was about to open the jaws to get at the tongue, one of the really tasty parts. Our Merlot was going down "singing hymns"!
This diner at the next table claimed that while he was trying to eat the lamb it kept trying to eat the salad! It's a great evening out with other people who like this kind of food and perhaps because of the nature of the meal there are not that many but when you get down to it, it is only roast lamb!
The last time I had this I battled to get at the brains, I had to hack a hole in the skull but this time it was at another restaurant and they had sliced the skull open making it really easy to get at them, very nice guys, I'll be back. I took my own Aromat shaker along and spread the brains on some bread with a little "sprinkle".
This time I finished my meal off by digging the eyeballs out with a fork and eating them, I avoided doing this the last time because after watching my friend Vos do that I didn't have the stomach for it but this time I was fully ready and really enjoyed them, now I feel that I have qualified and I look forward to the next Sheep's Head Guild Dinner.
What do you think of this dinner? It's not a braai but they are roasted in a fire oven, we did drink beer and I rode my bike the next day so it definitely qualifies for "Braais, beers and bikes."


Anonymous said...

Andrew......nooooooo!!and your theory regarding eating roast lamb definately does not justify this!!
As Jan Babes says at least it does'nt have teeth and a face!!!
Jan (dh)

the rider said...

Ah Jan I'll eat pretty much anything, I try not to let what something looks like, or where it comes from put me off an interesting gastronomic experience!