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Monday, May 27, 2013

Excuses, excuses!

Nothing much has happened around here lately, we've had a braai or two and done a couple of midweek potjies and okay I have consumed a good few beers over the period, but I haven't done any riding. That's not to say that the weather has been lousy, in fact over the past month to six weeks the weather has been absolutely amazing, sunny and calm, quite unusual for this time of the year and I'm sure we're going to have to pay for it pretty soon.
The reasons for not riding have been many and various, from having friends around (on two of the weekends we had friends and family staying over) to being just plain lazy! We planned an evening ride after work a couple of weeks back and it was a lovely day but when it came time to get the bike out we both thought; "Ah to hell with it!" and cracked a beer.
Then last week Thursday we decided that we were definitely going for a ride after work, nothing except rain would put us off dammit. I got home early and took the bike down to the garage for petrol and to check tire pressures and by the time I got back home the fog was starting come in over the hill, warm sunny days and a cold sea makes for thick fog which we have been experiencing quite often lately and sure enough by the time Janet got home we were thoroughly fogged in, I do not like riding in thick fog, too many fools and idiots around in cages so we called it off.
By the way, just for clarity and in my humble opinion a fool is a cager who thinks that his/her side or park lights are good enough in poor visibility and an idiot is one who speeds though fog or rain with no lights on at all, we seem to have plenty of both in the western cape!

On a different and somewhat sad note there is a fundraiser that I would like to attend this weekend, it is for a friend and fellow biker in need and is being held at "Vlakvarkgat" resort just outside of Saldanha, R65 gets you entry with a badge and a Snoek en patat meal and there will be a lucky draw. The only problem is that there is a bad storm forecast for this weekend! I told you we were going to have to pay! I will probably drive over and sleep in the bakkie, sorry guys I am a serious biker but not that serious! I do not feel like erecting a tent in the rain and then staggering around in the mud, been there, done that, got the tee shirt.

Here, to end off with is an "Out of Africa" photo for you;
Guys on this continent don't only wear Croc's, they ride 'em!

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