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Monday, January 21, 2013

Major problems with my BMW

In my last post I told you that my beloved R1200RT had been trailered down to the BMW Motorrad dealership in Capetown after I detected an unusual sound coming from the back wheel or the differential.
Well I've had a call back from the workshop manager who informed me that the fault was with the diff., and that it could be replaced with a new one for R19,000! After a bit of discussion, and probably after hearing my obvious aversion to spending anywhere near that kind of money I was told that the faulty bearings could probably be replaced for around R6,500!
A few months ago I told you about a problem that I had with the rear suspension which they wanted to replace for R20,000 - I ignored this and it appears to have stabilised, no further leaking. 

I bought this bike new in February 2006 so it is coming up to seven years old now and I have done just over 87,000kms which to me does not seem excessive for a 1200cc motorbike, that's just over 1,000kms per month and although I ride relatively fast I do not handle it roughly. I have had all my services done at every 10,000kms so in other words the bike has been looked after.

I have now asked the sales manager what I can get for a trade-in "as-is" because I would like to stay with BMW. Should I fix the bike and keep it forever? Should I fix it, sell it and go for another brand? I kinda like Triumph but really I would prefer to stay with BMW if they are prepared to give me a fair deal. I'll let you know exactly how that goes within the next couple of days

So far the R1200RT has been the best bike that I have ever owned or ridden but my main concern is that this kind of thing should happen after only 87,000kms. Do any of you have any other or similar stories? Please let me know before I commit myself. I'm actually asking for some comments now.


Canajun said...

Never owned a BMW motorcycle but I did own one of their cars and I swore never again. It was a great car - until something went wrong. And then they absolutely hosed you for the parts. It wasn't unusual to pay 2 or 3 times as much as one would for an equivalent part for a Japanese or American car. And nothing could be repaired, it all had to be replaced - an entire A-arm assembly instead of just a bushing, and so on. I can relate.

George Ferreira said...

That is crazy, why do so many BMW's have that problem? I'm sorry about the problem and the money you now have to spend, it sucks. I will never buy a german product, they like to over engineer things. My wife's convertible beetle rear window stopped working, the shop wants $700 to fix. At 7 to 1, that's about 4900 rands. It's just ridiculous for a damn window. We have had nothing but problems, probably going to sell the damn car soon.

the rider said...

Thanks for your comments my brothers, I must say I have been a loyal BMW supporter and advocate for these past seven years, but I recently had to replace the battery and as no generic models would fit I had to pay over R1,000 for one with BMW printed on the case!
I am going to be dealing with the agents today and I will refer them to this - I'll let you know what happens.

fiddle mike said...

Went down that road with the final drive on my Valk. I replaced the old one with a like-new salvaged unit for R3900. Rebuild would have cost, at least, R6200. Did the work myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew, Compliments of the season to you and Janet. A friend has an Adventure , same problem approx 70,000kms. My bike done 31,000kms is going in tomorrow - rear hub seals gone - thats bad-- bike has been treated same as yours - I am not impressed to say the least
Cheers and take care

the rider said...

Thanks for your comments guys, Dick I'm sorry to hear about yours because that's a 2010 R1200RT and after only 31,000k's!!
I haven't heard back from the agents yet, the manager was going to speak to the "Dealer-Principal" and come back to me today but I don't hold out much hope - I'm going to test ride the Yamaha 1200 Super Tenere again, this time for a long ride and see how it feels.

Chillertek said...

I've never owned a bike with a shaft drive and diff etc but yes those germans are pretty pricey on the spares as others have indicated.

Just sell it and listen to your inner hoon and buy an R1 or S1000RR. Opps thats another beemer..

Well just go with what your heart tells you.

the rider said...

Thanks for your comment bro., so far I have told the agent to repair the diff and I think I am going to sell it, the S1000RR or even the R1 are definitely not for me but I am going to take a look at Triumph's Trophy SE - I'm more into the touring models now. I still haven't had an offer for a trade in, I'm getting the feeling that the agents don't give a shit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
Got the bike back - they couldn't find anything wrong, but reckon I overfilled the fuel?? maybe they mean the engine oil - anyway I will watch it carefully - hope that that is all !!!!
Enjoy the hunting
Cheers Dick

the rider said...

You're lucky there Dick, I may have to wait a week or more - they've ordered the parts but I've heard nothing further. I'm seriously disillusioned with BMW.

Janet Ndinda said...

Sometimes you love something so much that you still go for it even after you have been disappointed.
Am so sorry about your BMW problems. I have never owned a BMW motorcycle but i have two Touring Motorcycles and trust me i have never had such engine problems.

the rider said...

Hi Janet, thank you for you sympathetic comment, I haven't heard from you before but thank you for reading my blog.