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Friday, January 25, 2013

BMW blues

I said that I would keep you up to date on developments with my motorbike, well I received an email from the sales manager;
"I discussed your 2006 R1200RT with the dealer principal this morning, unfortunately we are not in a position to offer you a trade-in value for your bike."
That's it, no personal contact and they are obviously not interested in doing any further business with me.
The workshop has the parts for the differential on order so I just have to wait, on holiday with no motorbike and the weather is absolutely beautiful!
It's just not the same in an Avis car!

Time to dust off and update my manuscript which I wrote some time ago; "Braaiing with Wood". It's an anecdotal recipe book with a biking thread running through it, I sent it to a publisher for consideration but they turned it down as they already had a recipe book due to be released, instead of sending it to others I put it on hold.
I have been inspired by the book written by my son Simon; "Beneath" which I am reading at the moment and really enjoying. I thought if he can do it, so can I. Watch this space.

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