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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meeulanders Mcc tin run 2012

If you have been reading my stuff you will have seen that I pontificate about how bikers are such good people, this is not because I myself am a proud biker but because this is something that I firmly believe to be a fact.
Take now a case in point; This past Saturday several members of the local "Meeulanders" Club spent five or more hours outside the entrances of various supermarkets persuading the general public to donate food items, either tins or packets of rice/noodles/pasta etc., which they were collecting for underprivileged families living in the area.
Sterling stuff you people, you should be well proud of yourselves. I spent part of the day riding around to the different locations chatting to my brothers and sisters and offering encouragement.
When I arrived at the Pick 'n Pay in Vredenburg they were nicely set up with Frank's bike and a trolley which was already half full of goodies.
Frank always likes to get his head close to attractive ladies! "You smell brilliant!"  Here with our Bro Bernard who will soon be deserting us for some small island where they play good rugby, we're going to miss him.
The lovely Monica from our local bike shop, she was good at talking the guys into donating food.
From there I went over to the Shoprite-Checkers branch just down the road, Charmaine was well into the swing of it with husband Mark. They had one of the bikes parked in the passage and were busy collecting.
 They had an eye catching set up right outside the entrance to the supermarket, here with Malcolm and Elise and were doing a good job of collecting, although I thought at that stage the Pick 'n Pay customers were the more generous ones.
From there I moved down to the West Coast Mall to the Checkers supermarket and this was the sight that greeted me, or should I rather say assailed me?
Willie, Floors and Daan appeared to have been doing alright but I think that the public had been flinging tins into their trolley in sheer terror! I mean really, would you give anything to these guys? You'd try to avoid eye contact and duck around them wouldn't you?
Willie's good lady was also there, a more inviting alternative trolley than those three hooligans, and I think hers had more tins in it anyway.
It was good to see the public donating generously, here another two terrified citizens are forced to throw tins into the trolley.
I spent a bit of time with these reprobates and then took a leisurely ride through to Langebaan, to the Laguna Mall where I found two of the ladies doing an excellent job.
I stayed with them chatting for a while, where were the guys? As I was leaving I got this photo of them;
Standing outside drinking energy drinks! Obviously they had been working very hard up until then and needed to get their energy back up - hope I didn't get you into trouble guys!
What an impressive job these Meeulanders have done, I hope to be at the hand-over when the collection is presented to the charity organisation who will do the actual distribution so that we can see how much was collected. I'll keep you posted.
We ended off the weekend with lunch at "Beira Mar", a superb restaurant in Saint Helena Bay about which I have written many times before, suffice it to say the food was again outstanding;
My starter; Portuguese sardines on a bed of roasted bell peppers and onions - to die for!
My mains; eight large prawns, lemon butter sauce, chips and salad - succulent is the word, juices dripping off the elbows.
Happy biker trash. Good value; two beers, two starters, two mains and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc all for only R355 including the gratuity, that's less than R180 per peson for such good quality!
Beira Mar restaurant, Saint Helena Bay 0227361393. We'll be back.

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