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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Meeulander Mcc Annual Dart Run

Just after I had said there was not much going on on the biking scene I received this notice from Div., the President of the local Meeulanders Motorcycle Club.
The annual "Dart Run" is taking place on Saturday 20th of October, this is a lot of fun for all and if you live here in the western cape, including in Capetown you should consider giving this a go.
It operates on a similar basis to the well known Poker Run but instead of being given a card at the different venues, you throw a dart. The scores are recorded and the person with the highest score at the end venue is the winner, to make sure that it is not only the dart fundis that will win the boards are not placed at regulation height at most of the venues, sometimes it is just resting on a chair or it  may even be held up by the club President at one of the stops, you never know!
I went on one of these runs a couple of years back and it was a very festive occasion, a start at the "Wingerd" in Vredenburg for the first dart and then a looping ride through Malmesbury and Riebeek Kasteel with three other dart stops and then the end function and final dart at the hotel in Mooreesburg, thereafter a typical biker party and a gentle ride home after a good breakfast the next day.
Come along, have a jol - phone Monica or Elize and join the West Coast bikers at a party of note, see you there.

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