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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Attention all bikers: Traffic is backed up on the Golden Highway and we've had enough of our own being slaughtered on our roads every day! Let's join together and say "enough", let's MAKE them SEE US AND HEAR US, lets declare Sunday 2 September: NO DAY TO DIE. We call on all bikers to take to the roads between 10am and 12am on Sunday 2 September and do everything that you can to be seen and be hea...rd! (Of course we would NEVER suggest anything illegal like outrageously loud pipes). Let's band together in our clubs, social groups, family groups etc and RIDE FOR OUR LIFE and in honour those who have fallen. For two hours we can flood the roads in our cities and suburbs with bikes of all sizes and shapes, let us be seen and be heard. Please copy and share this message with fellow bikers country wide.

I copied the paragraph above verbatim from the facebook page; "let's MAKE them SEE US AND HEAR US!" and from the comments on the page this initiative seems to be gaining a lot of ground, there is even a comment from an American reader who claims that it is going global!

Capetown riders are gathering at different locations and it seems as if the roads in the City are going to be flooded with motorbikes of all shapes and sizes, let's hope that this is the same for the other centres in South Africa because this can only be a good thing, to create more awareness amongst the motoring public of the fact that we bikers have as much right to be safe on the roads as they have. It will be very interesting to see a follow up after the weekend, how many bikers took to the roads and in how many countries?

I will be on the road on Sunday 2nd September on my bike, I will not be in the City but I will be counted, let's do it brothers and sisters, let's be seen and heard!
(Picture from facebook page)

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