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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Sheep's Head Guild

Last Thursday night my friend Vos sponsored us to a meal with "The Sheep's Head Guild" at "Boesmanland Kombuis" restaurant at Club Mykonos, the guild meets on a regular basis mainly to eat a meal that they all enjoy but which is not served by the average restaurant; a crispy roasted lamb's head.
The guild meals are open to all, and initially it was restricted to the lamb's head only but in order to encourage more people to attend, particularly women, they introduced the "Offal Potjie" option as well. Those are the only two menu options on the night.
I must admit that it does take a bit of a strong stomach to be able to eat the head, but I had been involved with one a while ago and I do have quite a strong stomach so I was keen. Janet opted for the Offal which she also thoroughly enjoyed.
We took our own wine along and sat and chatted with other members while eagerly awaiting the meal, the heads were certainly nicely roasted and the lamb aroma was getting the taste buds active. By the time they were ready I was good and hungry.
Dinner; known as a "Smiley" in the townships for obvious reasons, I helped myself to a good slice of the oven-fresh bread and some farm butter, I didn't need any vegetables with this meal and as far as I saw none of the other guys bothered either. It was a bread and meat evening.
Silence reigned, apart from the clanging of cutlery against enamel plates as the guys got stuck in. I was quite grateful for the dim lighting, there are parts of the meal that you don't want to see too clearly!
Soon I had cleared all of the delicious crispy skin and the delicate morsels of tender meat in the cheeks and jaw, it was time to get at the tongue and palate, truth be told there was a part that bothered me a little and that was the upper lip and the nostrils, quite a lot "chewier" than the rest and a bit more difficult to swallow!
I think that the tongue is my favourite part, quite tender and full of flavour.
Seemingly oblivious to the muzos serenading us, Marlo attacks the skull with a hammer and chisel, eager to get at the brains.
Every one has their own methods and tools for getting the skull open, it's harder than you would imagine. Vos has a hammer and chisel and he also brings along an oyster knife.
With my trusty, and newly acquired, Kershaw I managed to make a hole big enough to scoop the brains out, delicious spread on my bread and seasoned with a little salt and pepper. It was quite a big meal, a lot of rich meat and thoroughly enjoyable.
Demolished! I want to join, I thought that next time I might try the Offal pot but that's not going to happen, the Smiley was just too good and I'll definitely have that again, what a good meal.


simon wood said...

I like to think I'm willing to try most things - but man that looked disgusting. I think maybe it was that skinless skull. That is an unpleasant looking skull.

the rider said...

Yeah Simon I must admit it is a bit difficult to eat, but the whole thing is delicious with different tasting bits of meat in every nook and cranny, you just have to tough it out!