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Monday, June 4, 2012

Superwheels SA Magazine


Great news for those of us in the Western Cape! Superwheels SA magazine is being launched in August this year, this will be the first free biker magazine and will be dedicated to the biking lifestyle. Written by bikers for bikers its content will include articles on the racing scene written by a prominent racer, information on rallies, day jols and charity runs.
Advertising will be relevant and of interest to all of us, they will invite input from the public in the form of letters or emails and I have been asked to write a monthly article on local rides, restaurants and general places of interest to the biking fraternity.
This is all very exciting and long overdue and I am sure it will be eagerly adopted by the lucky Western Cape biking family. Plans are to go national a bit later.
Keep a look out for this magazine in August, closer to the time I will let you know who will be distributing it, we need to support this initiative brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said...


Exciting stuff hey Andrew.

Thanks so much for everything this weekend..nursing a few bruises but it was really good fun!!!

the rider said...

It was a lekker weekend Jan, a nice bunch of people on Saturday night and a good lunch on Sunday.

SuperWheels SA said...

Hi Andrew,

The Superwheels Mag team are so excited about the Magazine and even more so, that you will be keeping the Readers captivated by your Adventures..

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
Congratulations I believe that you will add great value to the new mag - looking forward to getting hold of a copy when it gets out
Ride safe

the rider said...

Thanks Taryn, I'm spreading the word - the excitement is contagious!

Thanks Dick, tell your biking friends.

Anonymous said...

Hello darneen,
That is FANTASTIC, I am so pleased for you, and a better writer they could not have!
Good luck and I look forward to reading the mag!
Love L