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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Day ride

Monday 1st May, a public holiday and the last day of my five day break started out a bit cold with a very heavy fog. The plan was to do a mass ride with a bunch of local bikers and end up at "Spionkop" for a braai and a bit of a fun day.
Janet took one look out of the window and said; "You go, I've got lots of things I want to do today; my fingernails, my feet, shave my legs - I'm staying here." I left her to her girly stuff and fired up the big red machine.
The guys (someone) had chosen to meet in a carpark outside the high school in Vredenburg, nowhere to buy a coffee or anything, we just had to stand around and wait for others to arrive, Janet would have been complaining about that for a start!
Still fog but the bikers are undeterred
Time to chat as more and more friends arrive

The fog gradually started to lift and the sun came through, warming us up with the promise of a better day ahead.
Time to get going, it had been raining during the night but that was a thing of the past and due to the fact that there was still pockets of thick fog it was decided to ride straight through to Velddrif rather than do the mass ride through the towns.
 Us west coast riders are a disciplined bunch (sometimes!) and because it was only some 30 kilometres to Velddrif we settled into a nice staggered formation and just cruised along through the early Autumn morning.
Fortuitously, or perhaps it was by design, we arrived at "Die Wielhys" pub just after opening time and everyone parked in a disappointingly haphazard jumble of bikes, not thinking of the potential for photographs but rather of the first bitterly cold beer!
It was a fairly large group of bikes, I didn't count but there were more than twenty and a sudden, lively, and I'm sure very welcome cash injection for the owners of the biker friendly pub.
For a while the bar counter was a bit crowded but the lady coped very well and soon we all had our beverage of choice in hand and moved out back to the braai area.

Nice decolletage in pink!
Bikers - some may avoid them, or avoid the places where they gather, but they are good solid people with whom I am proud to associate and of whom I am happy to be a part.
I took my leave, I was taking my lady out for lunch, inside Diedre was celebrating having passed her motorbike licence with Frank, congratulations Diedre!
It was a fast ride back to Saldanha where I substituted two wheels for four, I would have at least one more beer and over a leisurely lunch we would share a bottle of Robertson's delicious Sauvignon Blanc, what a great day! What a great weekend, back to work tomorrow.

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