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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sunday braai lunch

Sunday was a slow day, I only had about three and a half to four hours sleep after Danny gave me a room. The ride home from the jol was good, I was home by 08h30 much to Janet's surprise because last year I was a basket case until well after midday!
By the time I was hungry again (it had only been a light breakfast!) I was feeling too lazy to go out anywhere so I suggested a braai which Janet was only too happy to accept, she was already out on the back veranda reading her book anyway. So I lit a fire;
and opened a good bottle of red wine, actually a very good bottle, from my stash which is actually sorely depleted, needs replenishing;
We like our braais to last a couple of hours, we like to have a couple of "tasties" before the main meal so we definitely do not, as I have seen many others do, pack a folding grid with chops, steak, boerewors and chicken and slosh it all with a braai sauce and cook it all in one go. I have been to braais like that quite often but I don't do them.
We sat chatting in the shade of the veranda, sipping our wine and looking at the fire, me my Meerlust Rubicon and Janet with her "Chateau le cardboard" (5lt box wine) while I waited for the flames to be just right for my first course.
I had earlier marinated a 300g piece of ribeye steak in olive oil, Aromat, garlic flakes, crushed black pepper and mixed herbs and this I braaied for a short while in the flames,
Removed from the flames while still medium/rare, sliced and lightly salted it makes a delicious appetiser. After that we were both feeling a bit better so I let the flames die down and waited for a nice hot bed of coals before the second "starter";
one of my favourites, crispy braaiied lamb rib, here I again use Aromat and then a mixture of lemon and black pepper, and braai them until they are quite crunchy and the fat is well cooked, as they say; "To die for!"
after that it would be about an hour until our main course so while we ate the ribs I built the coals up, it was very relaxing and the wine was contributing to the feeling of well-being.
Chicken thighs, if this looks like a lot of food for two people - it is, but I always do enough for left-overs because they go into my "skoff-box" for work during the week, and here was the Sunday afternoon meal;
The miellie I had wrapped in tinfoil with butter and black pepper and had placed in amongst the coals while I was doing the starters so they were ready with the chicken, and Janet had prepared her famous "Creamy Aromat potatoes" which I really enjoy. A few cherry tomatoes and we were good to go, that was a good meal which was followed by a bit of a nap!
As I write this it is Tuesday evening and tomorrow we are going down to Capetown to the "EAGLES LIVE CONCERT" at the Capetown stadium with a whole bunch of friends! We are really looking forward to that, I have long been a fan of the Eagles, so I will have to tell you all about that.
Of course we're going down on the motorbike!


simon wood said...

Shit, Dad - you guys do live the good life, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Yet another awesome "Wooden" braai...looks absolutely delicious!!
The Eagles...have waited all my life to see these guys "live"...see you there!!
Jan (DH)