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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lekka by die see

It has been a bit of a "funny" weekend, our summer is just about over, in fact it is pretty much autumn and winter is not far off. It's definitely colder now and we have had quite a bit of rain so bike trips have to be planned according to weather forcasts which are notoriously unreliable, in fact our weather service is pretty much a non-prophet organisation!
I know, I know! If you're a biker you ride in rain, shit happens! It's all very well if you're out on a ride and you get caught in it, fine, you pull your rain suit on and keep going but to deliberately go out on a ride if it's already pissing down, that takes dedication.
This morning was clear, well partly cloudy but it didn't look like rain so I phoned Amanda in Riebeek and suggested we meet for lunch. It's only about an hour's ride so we fuelled up and got ourselves onto the R45 but even as we were heading east at speed we could see the clouds piling up against the mountain ranges ahead of us.
We got as far as Hopefield and I pulled over under a sky laden with cold grey clouds, we could feel the impending deluge! I suggested to Janet that maybe this was not such a good idea and that perhaps we should return to the coast, which, over my shoulder looked invitingly clear and blue. Janet was in full agreement and I executed a "U" turn and in cowardly fashion we hightailed it for the sunshine.
 We hadn't been to the Beach Bar at Club Mykonos, Langebaan for quite a while so it was to that picuresque spot that I guided the big red machine,
and soon, with favourite beverage in hand on a sun drenched veranda, all thoughts of wet riding were left behind.
I phoned Amanda with apologies and promises, "rain-check", and we enjoyed our beer.
Cool on the veranda
It's a very picturesque spot on the planet, to the right the Club Mykonos resort;
and to the left the "Lekka by die see" beach restaurant and next to that the "Boesmanland Kombuis" restaurant which roughly translates into "Bushman-land kitchen" which we haven't visited for quite some time and which we shall have to visit soon and write about.
"Lekka by die see" (Nice/Good by the sea) is charmingly casual but very comfortable with bench tables and with crushed shells under foot, in summer time it is open air but today in deference to the chilly wind, the blinds were rolled down.
Even biker trash drink wine! The slightly cheaper Riebeek Sauvignon Blanc at R75 was sold out, which tends to happen often, is it more popular because it's a good wine or because it's the cheapest on the menu? We settled for the Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc at R85 which, to our mind and taste, is not as nice as the Riebeek. Both of these estates are within roughly 100kms of this restaurant and I cannot help wondering why these wines are so expensive!? Don't get me started!
 The food was very nice, I had a Hake and Calamari combo which at R120 I thought a bit expensive, the more so because Janet's Hake and chips was R67 which means that my Calamari portion cost R53. There wasn't that much Calamari!
Be that as it may, the Hake was delicious, fresh and tasty, the chips were good, slightly crispy and not oily and the Calamari was very tender. I will certainly go back. R300 with gratuity for an enjoyable lunch is not excessive and the view is hard to beat.
I dropped Janet off at home just after two o'clock and as I had not got the riding bug out of my system I blasted off through to the Beira Mar in Saint Helena Bay.
After a good, fast, refreshing 45km ride I parked the big red machine and had a beer and a chat with Shaun. The ride home was just as good and I put the bike away at around 15h30, it had been a very enjoyable day and by dint of sensible riding we had avoided getting wet and had visited a new restaurant.
We'll talk again soon, keep the shiny side up and stay safe.

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