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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gypsey Jokers day jol 2012

On a lovely warm, calm late summer's day I headed for the Cove Hotel in Saint Helena Bay for the Gypsy Joker MCC's "Simon's Day" day jol, and because it was such a beautiful day I took the long way via Velldrif just for the sheer joy of being out and free.
After an exhilerating blast I arrived at the hotel in time to see the guys loading the lambs into the spit braais. There were not many people there yet but I am usually one of the first to arrive and the last to leave!
Gradually more and more people arrived and the place slowly filled up, there were many friends and familiar faces from other jols and rallies; Fungis was there chatting to two local biker friends.
Alan was there, seen at many of the local rallies and usually without a shirt, on the odd accasion without any clothes!
New friends Janet and Hannes (right) on holiday all the way from Witrivier in the north east.
The brother on the left is the curator of the motorcycle museum in Deneysville.
Here's Danny getting a message from the pretty daughter of Eduardo, one of the Gypsy Jokers. Danny was our publican at the Phoenix bar and the word is that the bar will soon be open again thanks to colaboration between Danny and Eduardo.
Lots of local bikers are hoping that this will happen.

The party raged between the hall and the hotel bar because there was a rugby match in the afternoon.
Meeulanders MCC members Anton, Mike, Barbara and Frank having fun in the bar.
A lot of the gathering during the afternoon took place outside because the band was so loud that conversation was impossible.
It was actually unpleasant and I was glad that they didn't stay on for too long, the second band was much better, although they were loud they were not too bad and their renditions of classic rock favourites were very proffesionally performed, particularly AC/DC numbers which the drummer sang very well.

By early evening there was quite a large crowd of bikers enjoying the party, I don't know about the numbers but to me it didn't seem as busy as it was last year.

The bar was certainly a busy place and the guys kept the young lady running.

We (Blue Bay Premium Shellfish) donated a quantity of fresh mussels to the Gypsy Jokers and they were prepared by the hotel staff and served as a starter,
these went down very well, as can be seen by the shells all over this table.
Then it was time for the main meal, here Van carves up the beast and Floors is first in line, the lamb was delicious served with a potato salad and a green salad and there was plenty for everyone.
I cannot resist photos with or of pretty girls and there were a good few there.
The "Mary-Jane" cookies came out, made by a friend they were delicious chocolate flavour this time.

Whilst on the subject of pretty girls, at midnight it was time for the entertainment and she was pretty good.
After that it was time for the prize draws and a few games, a lot of people had faded by then as was evident by the number of "no draw" numbers pulled from the hat.
It had been a good evening and by two o'clock in the morning I decided that it was time to turn in so I went off in search of room 19 which Frank and I were supposed to be sharing with two other guys. After stumbling around in the dark for a while I eventually found the room but all the beds were already full!
If by any chance you guys who slept in room 19 are reading this.....thanks for nothing! I ended up trying to sleep in Frank's car which was very uncomfortable but at about 03h30 Danny rescued me and said that he had a room for me and another for Frank, what a lifesaver! I eventually drifted off in a comfortable bed.
I woke up with a start at 07h30, motorbike engines revving. After an adequate breakfast I was on my way home.
Next year I'm going to set up my tent, there's plenty of grassy space and who wants to share a room with snoring, farting strangers anyway?


Anonymous said...

Classic story bud, and thanks for the kind comments.
Hope to see you at the Damn Party.

the rider said...

Who dat?