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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Eagles live in concert

Wednesday afternoon we left home at about 15h00 for the ride down to Capetown, unfortunately the wind was pumping strong out of the south so it wasn't a very pleasant ride. The road was also very busy with people heading up for the long weekend so we were getting buffeted, especially by the trucks, I just leaned into it and got the job done, only an hour and we were pulling into Joe's driveway.
Nicky had organised a thirteen seater bus to take us all to the concert and by the time it was full of freinds it was a very festive ride, a much better way to do it, we could drink beer!
We arrived at the stadium at about 18h00 and the wind was still pumping, maybe even stronger as it often can in Capetown. We browsed through the trade stall but decided against paying R200 for a tee shirt!
Janet and Joe getting into character
We had plenty of time to get settled in and get something to drink and it wasn't long before the stadium filled up. The music was fantastic, the Eagles - after forty years - were magical and when they played "Hotel California" they had the whole place standing.
The crowd's on its feet as the play Hotel California
The first chords had the hairs on my arms standing up, goose bumps! We felt that the music could have been a bit louder, possibly because we were off to the side, but it was clear and completely undistorted and we thoroughly enjoyed it, money well spent.
We spent the night with Joe and Annie and left early the next morning, we both had to go back to work unfortunately. The ride back was absolutely sublime, no wind although it was pretty cold at only 15,5c but it was a clear day and the sun was slowly doing its work.
We stopped at the Engen One-stop close to home just after 08h00 for a very welcome breakfast at the Wimpy,
The sun was starting to do its work
and then it was the short hop home and off to work, never mind, a good long weekend to look forward to with maybe an opportunity for some more saddle time.
Happy Easter my friends!

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Canajun said...

Saw them in concert a few years ago. In a word - awesome!